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Many Parties Appreciate PB ESI After the Success of Watching the Indonesia Esport Summit to the End


By: Tyas Permata Wiyana )*

Many parties gave their highest appreciation to the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PB ESI) after they had great success continuing to oversee the Indonesia Esport Summit and IESF Bali 14 Th  WEC 2022 until it ended with a series of very lively closing events.

So far, the performance given by (PB ESI) under the leadership of Gen. Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan has indeed continued to record very positive performance for the development of the esports ecosystem in Indonesia. Especially after very successfully holding the largest outdoor esports event in the world entitled Indonesia Esports Summit: Bali 14 Th  World Esports Championships 2022 until it ended with a very lively and magnificent closing.

The reason is, the man who also serves as the Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) explained that he is very determined to be able to continue to bring Indonesia’s esports ecosystem so that it can continue to penetrate the world stage. He feels very responsible, as a forum for electronic sports in the country, to continue to improve the achievements of esports athletes in Indonesia.

In fact, a number of strategic steps have indeed been prepared even since the beginning of his appointment as the Head of PB ESI. All of these steps are of course aimed at continuing to improve and build the Indonesian esports ecosystem in a much better direction in the future.

Meanwhile, with how successful PB ESI was in continuing to oversee the IESF Bali 14th WEC 2022 event until  its completion, the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia (Menpora RI), Zainudin Amali immediately gave a very high appreciation for all the extraordinary performance of PB ESI. According to him, to be able to hold an event as grand and lively as that is indeed not an easy thing, so it takes hard work and very high commitment.

How could it not be, because the electronic sports world championship held on the Island of the Gods, Bali is an event that has been recognized and officially registered to set a world record in the Guinness Book of World Records because of the very large number of participants from all over the world.

It was noted that at least the biggest outdoor esports event in the world was attended by more than 600 esports athletes from various parts of the world, with as many as 105 countries. All of them were present directly in Bali to compete in the world championship held by PB ESI.

Based on the number of participants and the number of countries that took part, you can actually see how great the enthusiasm of esports athletes from all over the world is. Not only that, but not a few esports fans from all over the world showed their enthusiasm so that the euphoria was very high when they were all present from the start to the closing event that was carried out.

In particular, great enthusiasm and euphoria were shown by esports fans from Indonesia, where they continued to provide support to the Indonesian National Team in every match, up to the Grand Final and also cheering up the IESF Bali 14 Th WEC 2022 until the closing ceremony took  place . Not only those who were present in person at Merusaka, but also many Indonesian esports fans who followed the match via live streaming broadcasts online.

All this enthusiasm and euphoria could occur because PB ESI during the leadership era of Budi Gunawan was considered by many to have been very successful in overseeing all the processes of the electronic sports world championship event, starting from the opening ceremony which was presented with great fanfare, even to the closing event which was presented with no less joy.

Very high appreciation was also expressed by the President of the International Esports Federation (IESF), Vlad Marinescu to PB ESI. He considered that the association was extraordinary because it was able to organize such a grand and lively event. Furthermore, he also revealed that all esports families in the world participated with great enthusiasm following all the activities of the IESF Bali 14 Year  WEC 2022 until the closing ceremony.

Regarding the grandeur and excitement that was presented, according to PB ESI’s Daily Chairperson, Bambang Sunarwibowo, the electronic sports world championship event was indeed a momentum to be able to continue to encourage the promotion of native Indonesian culture so that it could be seen by the whole world.

Therefore, PB ESI has indeed conceptualized all events, from the opening to the closing, by displaying many typical Indonesian cultures and wrapped in modern art. This is because the association led by Budi Gunawan is also determined to continue to advance the sport tourism ecosystem so that it also plays a role in restoring the economy to the tourism sector in Indonesia.

How successful PB ESI was in continuing to oversee the IESF Bali 14 Th  WEC 2022 event until it ended in a very grand and lively manner, not a few parties then gave great appreciation to the association led by Budi Gunawan because it was assessed by their hard work and commitment, being able to present an electronic sports world championship event that can even set a world record.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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