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Massive Development in Papua Brings Investment for People’s Welfare


The Indonesian government has committed to improving the welfare of the Papuan people as a form of equitable development in Indonesia. Through massive development in Bumi Cendrawasih, of course it will be able to bring in investment aimed at the welfare of the community. In this way, the Papuan people are able to generate income many times over and become prosperous.

            Development in the Land of Papua continues to be intensified non-stop until it is completely even throughout Indonesia. The Indonesian government also continues to be committed to developing the Papua region into a developed and prosperous region in the future like Java and other islands. Equalization of the Indonesian economy must be realized immediately with the aim of developing Indonesia towards a Golden Indonesia in 2045. Infrastructure and several other important places such as ports and airports are also being intensively built to facilitate the mobility of local people.

            The massive development currently taking place in Papua is actually having a positive impact on the Eastern Region itself. The reason is that with this development, it can attract investors to invest. That way, it will definitely open up job opportunities for the sons of Papua. Apart from that, the existence of these investments means paving the way for the development of Bumi Cendrawasih itself. So this development does indeed bring many positive benefits, not negative ones and even the people themselves feel the benefits.

            Not long ago, a port and airport were built in Papua in Biak, Numfor, Papua. Thanks to the existence of these two transportation locations, it makes it easier for government investment to advance the region. One of them is, by exporting tuna fish to Narita, Japan. The 100 tons of yellowfin tuna from Cendrawasih Bay is ready to be exported directly from Papua to Japan in November.

            The Regent of Biak Numfor Regency, Herry Ario Naap, said that the release of tuna fish exports was carried out simultaneously with the peak of the Sail Teluk Cendrawasih (STC) event which is planned to be held on 1-7 November 2023. Herry added that the yellow fin tuna fish which currently lives in Cendrawasih Bay is very popular with the Japanese people. How could it not be, the tuna fish that live in Cendrawasih Bay are of good quality, the flesh is thick and has a high animal protein content, of course this is in demand by foreign communities, especially Japan.

            Apart from having the best quality tuna, the Cendrawasih Bay sea also has other quality marine products such as Biak Shrimp and Biak Crab which are the best marine commodities for export to Sakura Country. However, the Indonesian people themselves can actually cultivate these marine products and then develop them so that the three types of marine commodities can be maintained. Why is that? Because if you cultivate it yourself, you will also get your own benefits for the owner, so that marine products are still sustainable.

            Previously, it was known that infrastructure in the area, namely Biak Numfor port, was very limited. These limitations are of course an obstacle in themselves because they have to be sent via the port of Jakarta. However, with the current development of adequate infrastructure, import-export activities can be carried out easily. Port activities that cannot be separated from buying and selling can also be carried out on a massive scale. In fact, now they can export directly to the destination country without needing to go through the port of Jakarta.

            An area does require adequate transportation to be able to reach other areas easily. For example, airports and ports are the most important mobility for carrying out buying and selling activities. Indeed, this activity can certainly help increase regional economic income. Concrete evidence is before our eyes, tuna fish exports from Biak have generated profits of IDR 13.9 billion.

            Based on reference data from the Biak Numfor Regency Government in January-August 2022, tuna exports reached 70 tons, then in the following period this year, the number of exports increased to 140.4 tons. From year to year, Herry predicts that there will be an increase in the number of tuna exports in his region. In fact, it is predicted that it will reach 600-800 tons per year. Because of this, it is possible that this region will contribute large revenues to the country of up to 175 trillion in the future. This potential is already visible, therefore development in the Papua region must be immediately accelerated to accelerate the prosperity of the Papuan people, of course.

            The benefits of development in the Papua region are not only felt by the Indonesian Government, because the local community can also directly experience the benefits of infrastructure development in Bumi Cendrawasih. The reason is that, with adequate infrastructure, people can easily mobilize to reach other areas. Apart from that, on the other hand, the Indonesian government also receives contributions to state income through export and investment activities which will later open up job opportunities for the community.

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