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Opening of the 2023 AIS Forum Summit: Indonesia Leads Dialogue between Island Countries


Badung, Bali – The 2023 Archipelagic and Islands States (AIS) Forum Summit officially opened in Bali, Indonesia. At this inaugural forum, dozens of leaders of island and archipelagic countries from around the world dialogued together to have a major impact on the future of global maritime affairs.

The AIS Forum Summit is an enhancement of maritime security cooperation. Member countries are committed to improving coordination in addressing issues such as maritime piracy, maritime border security, and eradicating illegal trade in their waters.

This is expected to bring further stability and security to the Asian maritime region.

On a different occasion, the Deputy for Tourism and Creative Economy of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Odo Manuhutu, said that the presence of the AIS Forum would complement existing large international organizations, such as ASEAN, the European Union, the G20, and others.

“The AIS Forum is not a forum with abstract goals, but has concrete goals like ASEAN. “Therefore, when the AIS Forum was initiated by Indonesia, the aim was to embrace island and archipelagic countries in a concrete cooperation framework,” he said.

This event is a historic moment where island countries will unite in facing increasingly pressing global challenges.

Meanwhile, Head of the AIS Forum Secretariat, Riny Modaso, said that the AIS Forum pioneers and accommodates innovative solutions which are implemented in various derivative programs, in order to achieve sustainable development goals for the future of island and archipelagic countries.

“In concrete form, a series of sessions at the 2023 Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum Summit (Summit) in Bali resulted in various agreements and strengthening maritime and blue economy cooperation, including the Blue Economy and Rise Business Development Program.

It is hoped that the 2023 AIS Forum Summit will produce concrete agreements and concrete steps to strengthen maritime cooperation among island countries and archipelago countries. This event will last for several days with a number of discussion sessions, bilateral meetings and presentations related to maritime issues.

During this summit, Indonesia is committed to leading efforts to maintain healthy and sustainable oceans. With close cooperation between island and island nations, the hope is to realize beneficial outcomes and innovative solutions for a brighter maritime future.

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