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Papuan Religious Figures Support the Release of Pilot Susi Air


Jakarta – The incident of burning the plane and taking hostage of the Susi Air Pilot, Captain Philips Max Mehrtens, by the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) drew criticism from local religious leaders. One of them was Pastor Albert Yoku who considered that the incident had injured the pilot’s sacrifice.

“The sacrifices of pilots are not small to be able to bring civilization and development in mountainous Papua, because they risk their lives with short routes and sometimes bad weather,” explained Pastor Albert in a discussion on a television station, Thursday (2/3).

According to Reverend Albert, pioneering flights had a big hand in opening isolation and bringing about change in the mountainous region, including making it easier for church workers. Because of that, he invited the role of traditional and religious leaders to end the Susi Air pilot hostage case.

“I think the role of religious leaders, traditional leaders must still appeal to and remind this Egianus child, because this is an act of fatalism towards the changes that have been built so far,” he said

The man who also serves as Chair of the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB) also advised KST leadership Egianus Kogoya to immediately release the Susi Air pilot because he is a meritorious figure.

“I reminded Egianus that the pilot was a meritorious person because he left his family and was ready to take risks in that area, so the traditional leaders had to talk about the death of development.” he concluded.

In the same place, political observer Ikrar Nusa Bhakti explained that pioneering flights were very important flights. According to him, pioneering flights not only lifted goods, but also lifted people

“So if later there is an ambush or even arson, it makes us quite sad to hear about it,” he added.

Pledge revealed that a security approach would be the last option, but before that there could have been a second option, namely using a third party as a mediator for the negotiations, including religious leaders.

“Religious leaders can unite and have the same vision and desire to solve this problem, they can resolve conflicts in local customs,” he explained.

Not to forget, Pledge also hopes that peace in Papua can continue to materialize because this will have a big impact on the people of Papua and Indonesia in general.

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