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President Jokowi: 2023 ASEAN Summit Runs Smoothly, Indonesia Continues to Push for Dialogue to Stop the Conflict in Myanmar


West Manggarai — The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo stated that the 2023 ASEAN Summit had run smoothly with good results. One of them is Indonesia’s strong efforts to continue to encourage dialogue in order to stop the conflict in Myanmar.

He emphasized that Indonesia, as chair of the 42nd ASEAN Summit, really wants to see all regional countries continue to be strong and able to face all global challenges.

“Thank God the 42nd ASEAN Summit has been successfully held smoothly and with good results. Indonesia wants to see ASEAN that is strong, capable of facing challenges, responsive to dynamics and still holding a central role in the region,” he said.

During the ASEAN Heads of State meeting, President Jokowi then explained there were several important points.

All ASEAN country leaders have agreed to continue to provide protection for migrant workers and victims of human trafficking.

“Several important conclusions from this summit are, first, things that touch the interests of the people are important things for leaders,” explained the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Including the protection of migrant workers and victims of human trafficking. And I invite ASEAN countries to take firm action against the main perpetrators,” he added.

Then, the second thing is regarding the conflict in Myanmar, President Jokowi emphatically stated that this was very injurious to human values ​​and there was absolutely no tolerance for the word tolerance.

“The second is regarding Myanmar, harm to human values ​​must not be tolerated,” he said.

“The 5 points of consensus mandate that ASEAN must be connected with all stakeholders, inclusiveness must be firmly held by ASEAN because ASEAN’s credibility is at stake,” he said.

Furthermore, he also emphasized that there should not be any party that actually takes advantage of the Myanmar conflict.

“I am sure that none of the ASEAN countries wants this. There must be no parties inside or outside ASEAN who take advantage of the Myanmar conflict. The violence must stop and the people must be protected,” said President Jokowi.

So far, efforts that have been continuously made by Indonesia itself are to establish communication with various parties to continue implementing the 5 points of consensus.

“We have established communications in Myanmar to find existing solutions, and this is being done with many parties in Myanmar, and we will continue to push for the implementation of the 5 points of consensus,” he explained.

It is important to create as many dialogues as possible, including continuing to facilitate the AHA Center so that it can carry out its duties optimally.

“Encouraging the creation of dialogue and not only with the Junta because there are many parties and interests involved, so we will increase the number of stakeholders in Myanmar to join together so we need to encourage as much dialogue as possible and facilitate the AHA Center to carry out its duties,” Jokowi concluded.

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