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Pride of Traditional Leaders for the PYCH Building: Center for New Civilization for Young Papuans


Indigenous Papuan leaders stated that the existence of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building would become a new civilization for young Papuans. Civilization that makes the Land of Papua more advanced and prosperous.

The chairman of the Port Numbay Indigenous Peoples’ Institute (LMA), Ondoafi George A. Awi expressed his gratitude to President Joko Widodo for all his efforts to advance the Papuan people, especially the PYCH building as a center for the self-development of the younger generation.

“On behalf of the Papuan people, we express our gratitude to Mr. President for the building facilities that are so magnificent and beautiful. Where in this building will accommodate all Papuan children, for them to be able to express their creations and talents,” said George A. Awi at the PYCH building, Tuesday (14/3/2023).

George A. Awi admitted that he had toured all parts of the PYCH building, as well as witnessed activities for the self-development of young Papuans, as well as seen preparations for the inauguration of the PYCH building by President Jokowi.

“I’ve been around. I see, wow this is amazing. 7 customary territories in Papua are already in this building, representative. We are very proud of this,” said the traditional leader in the Land of Papua.

George A. Awi invites all young Papuans to take advantage of the PYCH building because it has facilities that support self-development. As well as inviting the community to support all work programs launched by the Inspiring Young Papua (PMI).

George A. Awi also expressed his gratitude to the Head of BIN Budi Gunawan for fostering young Papuans. PMI is an organization fostered by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) to become the driving force for Papua’s progress.

“We appeal to the community to support this program. We invite our children to enter this building so that they can be nurtured, trained, trained, so that they form a good mentality. Because in the future the Indonesian nation will face extraordinary challenges of globalization, it is necessary to shape their mentality,” he explained.

George A. Awi made this statement after a meeting with BIN’s Deputy IV for Economic Intelligence, Made Kartikajaya. Also present at the meeting was Secretary of LMA Port Numbay, Eddy Ohoiwutun and other Papuan leaders.

Eddy Ohoiwutun added that the role of the regional government in the Land of Papua is needed so that young people can take advantage of the building which was built with a traditional nuance. Eddy also did not forget to thank the Head of BIN Budi Gunawan for his support for young Papuans.

“Therefore, the district/city government in Tanah Papua must support this by preparing the younger generation to access this facility,” said Eddy.

“This is very important, so that this place becomes a place to build a new civilization for young people in the Land of Papua, to prepare the future for our children, like the hopes of parents, Ondoafi, of course also the hopes of the country,” he concluded.

PYCH Building with Traditional Nuances

The architectural design of the roof of the main PYCH building was inspired by the traditional houses of the people of Jayapura and Wamena City, namely the Honai roof and the Kariwari roof.

Inside there are rooms for MSME products, cafeterias, training rooms, marketing rooms, podcast rooms, photography rooms, multipurpose rooms to rooms that can be used for co-working spaces.

There is also a grandstand-shaped room with a capacity of more than 400 people. This room can be used for religious performances, as well as other facilities.

Apart from that, in the PYCH building there are also two dormitory buildings, each consisting of 23 rooms with complete bed facilities, wardrobes, private bathrooms and others. Not to forget the internet speed of 100 Mbps.

This building also adopts a green building concept that utilizes natural energy, such as lighting and wind. Practically during the day the PYCH Building, including the dormitories, does not use lights because it is still quite bright on all sides, because there are lots of windows and ventilation holes.

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