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PYCH Assists PMI’s Product Marketing for Laying Hens


The existence of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) received appreciation from Maria Fransisca Tambingon as the owner of a laying hen farm. PYCH provides facilities in the form of stands to market various products created by young Papuans, one of which is a laying hen product which it manages successfully thanks to the assistance of Inspiring Young Papuans (PMI).

“Eggs produced from farms are branded as Mentari Eggs which are then sold in the market or deposited at PYCH. This product is packed in plastic and placed on the PYCH stand,” said Fransisca when receiving a visit from Deputy Head of BIN, Lt. Gen. (Purn) Teddy Lhaksamana at a laying hen farm in Koya, Jayapura on Saturday (18/3).

During the visit, Deputy Chief of BIN, Lt. Gen. (Purn) Teddy Lhaksamana also expressed his hope that this laying hen farm would continue to grow and provide benefits to the wider community.

Fransisca said that this visit could provide motivation so that the laying hen farm she lives in can develop. This is because PMI has provided assistance and provided assistance to complete this farm.

“As much as 500 chickens were assisted by PMI. Meanwhile, a total of 4,000 chickens managed with different ages of chickens. Laying hens are harvested every day with an average yield of 2,700 eggs,” he said.

To assist the management of the chicken egg farm involving 6 people. The hope is that the presence of laying hens farms can also benefit many people, especially among the younger generation.

“Many young Papuans can join PYCH, so they can develop their potential. Not only developing just like that, but in the form of cooperation between teams, “he concluded.

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