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Realize Peaceful Elections Without SARA Issues


The issue of SARA (Ethnicity, Religion, Race, and Inter-Group) is very dangerous because it can disrupt the 2024 Election. Therefore, people are encouraged to create peaceful elections without SARA issues. Don’t be easily swayed by provocations that heat up the atmosphere and trigger hostilities based on differences in beliefs, ethnicity, and so on.

Ahead of the 2024 Election, the public needs to be aware of the issue of SARA which is generally circulating on social media. The issue of SARA is very dangerous because it can mislead people’s minds and trigger riots. Therefore, the spread of propaganda that led to SARA divisions must be prevented so that the elections can take place peacefully.

Politician Ato’ Ismail stated that the 2024 election is one of the democratic agendas that needs to be maintained so that Indonesia remains peaceful. All Indonesians are invited to play a role in keeping the 2024 elections running peacefully. One way is to avoid the politicization of religion. This means not carrying out discriminatory identity politics in the name of religion.

Ato’ continued, conflicts in several countries occurred due to political interests wrapped in the politicization of ethnicity, religion and race (SARA). As happened in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, and others.

Ato’ is grateful that the Indonesian people are kept away from internal conflicts because they have Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution as the basis and principles of the state. State peace is a condition for the people to be prosperous and to achieve the common goal of the Indonesian people, namely a just and prosperous society physically and mentally.

In a sense, internal conflict in Indonesia is very minimal. But don’t let conflicts arise because of differences in beliefs and SARA issues. When the SARA issue flares up, peaceful elections will not materialize.

One of the triggers for the issue of SARA circulating in the 2024 election is when there is a campaign by political parties or legislative candidates at houses of worship. Don’t let the sacred places of worship become places for political campaigns and trigger the issue of SARA. Houses of worship must be kept sacred and their administrators must be firm in rejecting visits by politicians who wish to gain sympathy there.

Then, the SARA conflict occurred when the presidential and vice presidential candidates were questioned where they came from. The community is expected to be peaceful and not be influenced by provocateurs, who question the original ethnicity of the candidate for president or vice president. Even though they come from different regions and tribes, don’t make it a problem, because they are both Indonesians.

Indonesia consists of various tribes, ranging from Javanese, Sundanese, Minang, to Melanesian. The diversity of ethnicities and backgrounds is natural because since before independence, they have vowed to unite through the Youth Pledge. Indonesian unity is one of the Precepts in Pancasila and is the main key in reconciling Indonesian society.

Society needs to remember that Indonesia stands above all differences in ethnicity, creed, etc. Therefore, don’t be provoked by the issue of SARA, which was deliberately raised by the provocateur. SARA issues can trigger hostilities between citizens, disrupt elections, and have the potential to thwart them.

For example, when there is a presidential candidate who is known as a descendant, even though he is an Indonesian citizen. He can be attacked by provocateurs and make people not vote for him. Don’t be influenced by the issue of SARA because it can make the 2024 Election chaotic.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Baitul Muslimin Indonesia (Bamusi) Hamka Haq stated that he and all other parties were holding a Nationality Symposium for peaceful elections. National peace needs to be created towards the 2024 Election without the politicization of religion.

The contents of the declaration are: By the grace and mercy of God Almighty, Indonesia is home to a large and diverse nation, with a population of more than a quarter of a billion people. Its territory stretches from Sabang to Merauke, with a diversity of inhabitants of no less than 1,300 tribes, hundreds of religions and/or beliefs, with as many as 715 languages ​​and hundreds of cultures.

There is no power that can unite such a gigantic nation except by the will of God and a common awareness as one nation, the Indonesian nation. The history of the nation has proven that Pancasila has truly become an ideology that has united people’s awareness as one nation, within a State, namely the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

In order to maintain the upholding of the Pancasila State, participants in the National Symposium on Religious Affairs agreed on the need to build peace in religious life in order to further enhance national solidity and solidarity. Everything is realized without discrimination and without the politicization of religion. The reason for this is because discrimination and the politicization of religion are very much against the ideology of the Pancasila State.

The public is urged to realize a peaceful 2024 election without any SARA issues. This issue is very dangerous because it can derail elections and trigger many abstentions. Therefore, even the slightest SARA issue should not be trusted. Remember that Indonesia is made up of different ethnicities, beliefs and backgrounds. So elections must be held in peace and unity.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room

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