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Security forces continue to try to save pilot Susi Air


Jayapura – The pilot of the Susi Air plane is still hostage to the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST), along with the passengers. The police did not remain silent and continued to try to save them. KST is still being hunted by the joint team of the National Police and the Cartenz Peace Task Force, so that the hostages are safe and don’t suffer serious injuries.

KST Papua is back in action and this time they are holding hostage the pilot and passenger of Susi Air in the Nduga region, Papua. The public criticized KST for always committing crimes. Moreover, the victims were civilians who knew nothing but became hostages of the separatist group.

KST is a common enemy, not only for the people of Papua, but also for all Indonesian people. The reason is they always attack civilians and act too cruelly, some even lose their lives. Finally, KST burned the Susi Air plane and took the pilot and passengers hostage, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with the government (which they saw as the enemy).

The hostages have not been released and are still in the search stage by the joint team of the Police and the TNI. Then, photos and videos circulated on social media featuring capt. Phillips (pilot), is under orders from KST members. He is still alive and waiting for help from the authorities.

The Commander of the XVII/Cenderawasih Regional Military Command (Pangdam) Major General TNI Muhammad Saleh claimed to have seen the photos and videos. The Military Commander confirmed that the one with the KST members in the photos and videos was pilot Philip. In the circulating video footage, KST has admitted to carrying out the terrorist act of burning the Susi Air plane and taking the pilot hostage.

The Military Commander emphasized that his party would continue to look for Philip as much as possible. According to the plan, they involve religious leaders, traditional leaders, community leaders, and the local government. Search technical and tactical measures have been taken. He had great hopes that Philip would be found soon. 

The TNI is working with the National Police to make efforts to rescue the Susi Air pilot. Cooperation is carried out so that the mission of finding the hostages and their rescue can be completed quickly. With the cooperation between the joint team and the Cartenz Peace Task Force, it is hoped that KST will soon be found and then release the victims.

Even though pilot Capt Phillips is a foreigner, he still has to be rescued. The TNI and Polri take care that both Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals who are victims of KST are immediately released and do not suffer in the middle of the forest.

The rescue mission was carried out quickly and thoroughly. The reason is because the passengers could be sick because of the cold in the forest. Moreover, one of them is still a baby so it needs comfort and warmth.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Papua Regional Police, Inspector General Mathius D. Fahiri, stated that the Papua Regional Police had made an approach to rescue the Susi Air pilot. According to him, there are community leaders and clergymen who are trying to help save the New Zealand citizen. 

Mathius ensured that the Papuan Police would not back down in the face of KST. Together with the TNI, they worked hard to deal with the problems caused by the group. Mainly what the Egianus Kogoya group did in Paro. He firmly stated, human safety is the highest law.

The approach taken by Inspector General Mathius is very appropriate because it reflects from the previous case. Some time ago, the KST led by Egianus Kogoya had kidnapped Papuan workers and were finally released, with the approach of community leaders and religious leaders. Currently, apart from deploying security forces, community leaders can also be sent to approach Egianus Kogoya to free the victims.

Religious leaders and community leaders are expected to help eradicate KST, because they are good citizens and nationalists. With its influence, KST will soften and then release the hostage passengers. Especially if these characters still have the same surname or are closely related, and their seduction will be easier to get KST to stop their atrocities.

With a family approach, it is hoped that KST will release Capt Phillips and the passengers on the plane. The National Police thought that KST would surrender and provide a way for the hostages to return home. Even though there is a ‘soft’ way to this approach, the rescue mission carried out by the joint TNI-Polri team and the Carstensz Peace Task Force is still being carried out to find the KST location while securing the people of Papua.

The National Police and the TNI are trying to find the KST headquarters led by Egianus Kogoya. Even though the Susi Air plane could not be saved, because it had already caught fire, the important thing was that the lives of the pilot and the passengers were safe. The National Police continues to work to save the pilot of the plane and the passengers who are still being held hostage by KST. For this reason, there is cooperation with TNI troops so that KST is found and the victims are rescued. In addition, there are rescue efforts with a family approach, so that KST releases the hostages without any armed conflict.

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