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Synergy to Prevent Hoaxes on Social Media Ahead of the 2024 Election


The public must be more careful and increase their awareness of the threat of spreading fake news or hoaxes that can be found on social media, especially ahead of the 2024 General Election.

Right on Wednesday, April 5 2023, there was a Plenary Meeting for the Recapitulation and Determination of the Temporary Voter List (DPS) for the upcoming 2024 elections. On this occasion, the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Jepara Regency, Edy Sujatmiko conveyed to the participants and the public not to be influenced and spread hoax news.

Moreover, if the news which is not clear about the truth is still regarding the holding of a democratic party for the 2024 election. Then, he said that it really needed support from all stakeholders and the public to be able to unite in preventing the spread of hoax news.

Regarding the stages of determining the voter list, the Jepara regional secretary advised that all determination sculptures could be carried out in a much more precise and careful manner. He also appealed that the process of determining the voter list should not lead to polemics due to the number of voters.

Edy Sujatminko gave an example that one of the polemics that might have the potential to occur and then cause uproar is when people who turn out to be dead are still included in the voter list. So of course if this happens, it can cause discord in the community and also has the potential to become material for certain individuals to make hoax news which causes great anger.

By getting closer and entering into the era of the political year, where indeed this nation will soon face the holding of the democratic general elections (Elections) in 2024, this situation also encourages the Malang Police to continue to take a number of steps to anticipate the spread of news lies or hoaxes in society.

Regarding this matter, the Head of the Malang Police Public Relations Section, Iptu Ahmad Taufik stated that his party continues to make efforts to continue to invite the public to be much wiser when using social media. In fact, the prevention efforts were also carried out by his side with direct appeals made by Kamtibmas and also some using flyers to be distributed on social media.

Not only are they advised to be far more vigilant and wiser in using social media, but the public is also advised to be able to filter beforehand when they encounter information they get from social media. The Indonesian National Police (Polri) itself has taken many steps so far, including by forming an appeal through the official police account at the National Police Headquarters to Polda levels, as well as deploying Bhabinkamtibmas and Binmas personnel to provide education in the field to the public directly.

In the run-up to the 2024 General Elections, it is indeed mandatory for the public to be able to increase their vigilance, especially when dealing directly with hoaxes and propaganda, which are generally widely spread on social media. How could it not be, because the existence of hoax news is a very dangerous thing for the community because it has the potential to mislead people’s minds and also trigger riots.

Lebong Regency KPU Chairperson, Salahuddin Al Khidhr invites the whole community to be able to prevent false information or hoaxes from social media that are completely unofficial, especially to the extent of re-spreading the news, even though it is completely inconsistent with the facts on the ground regarding the entire implementation and process of the 2024 election.

He emphasized that in fact, anyone could be affected by the ITE Law, so people really have to be even more careful and check and recheck several times before uploading content on social media, don’t let the uploads that you make actually offend other people.

The public should not be too easy to believe even 100 percent about anything that is disseminated on social media, because it could be news or information that is completely untrue and does not match the reality on the ground.

The election democracy party will soon be held, namely in 2024. Usually, it is precisely the closer to the schedule for holding the General Election, the existence of fake news or hoaxes can be said to be increasing, especially on social media. Therefore, all elements of society must be able to increase their vigilance and caution.

)* The author is a contributor to Gelora Media Institute

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