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Thanks to the Perppu on Job Creation, Halal Certificates are Easier


The Regulation in lieu of the Job Creation Law (Perppu Ciptaker) which has been passed by the DPR to become a Law apparently brings benefits to the organizers of the Ministry of Religion’s Halal Product Assurance.

Airlangga Hartarto as the Coordinating Minister for the Economy said, this law will make things easier, it will also make it easier to arrange halal certification which will greatly help MSMEs. By enacting it into law, many PP regulations will be revised immediately and of course this PP revision is on time, after it has been completed. the implementation of the Job Creation Law for the past two years.

Furthermore, the passing of the Job Creation Law will of course bring a breath of fresh air in terms of accelerating the implementation of Halal Product Guarantees. This regulation encourages the acceleration of halal certification for various goods and services to increase competitiveness and added value for businesses.

In addition, the Job Creation Law also favors micro and small business actors by providing various conveniences for halal certification procedures, including by providing free financing for halal certification.

Based on the applicable regulations, after October 17 2024, food and beverage businesses, slaughter products, and slaughter services must be halal certified. If not, you will be penalized.

It should be noted that efforts to increase halal certification are one of Indonesia’s efforts to become the number 1 producer of halal products in the world by 2024.

The Ministry of Religion has reported that the achievement of halal certification in Indonesia has increased since the certification authority was taken over by the Halal Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH). On the other hand, halal certification is a guarantee of product quality produced by entrepreneurs, especially MSME entrepreneurs.

MSMEs in Tabalong, South Kalimantan, feel helped after getting a free halal certificate. They think that the program carried out by the Ministry of Religion is very helpful for business actors, especially since the process is fairly easy and free.

The owner of the Roti Raja business, Ibnu said, MSME players, both macro and rather large ones, are of course very helpful, with socialization like this and the existence of a program from the Ministry of Religion for management of halal certification. So that it is also easier for them to follow the plot.

On the same occasion, Tinsa Amplang entrepreneur, Tri Sukartini, said that all Tabalong SMEs are very helpful for him because this makes it very easy to obtain halal certificates.

Previously, Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin also stated that the government had agreed to eliminate halal product guarantee certification for free so as not to burden micro and small scale businesses. This means that currently the state is here to care more about small and medium businesses by waiving fees for halal certification.

On a different occasion, Deputy Regent of Sumenep Hj. Dewi Khalifah said that MSME actors in the culinary sector have halal certificates issued by BPJH for their products which are important as a step to increase consumer confidence, especially since the majority of Indonesian people embrace Islam. quality.

MSME products that have halal certificates will obviously increase consumer confidence, especially those who are Muslim, because whether or not halal information is a consideration in a culinary product.

Because of this, halal-certified culinary products have an effect on positive trends in marketing whose reach is wider outside the region, even abroad, so that it leads to an increase in income.

An MSME actor, Umar revealed, this Job Creation Law cut all the complications experienced by MSME actors in obtaining halal certification for their products. In fact, the Ciptaker Law also discusses two ways of issuing halal certification, so that they are not all equated, namely through  self-declare  for small and medium businesses and  prior verification  for medium and large businesses.

Article 44 of the Job Creation Law stipulates that MSME actors in the food sector are guaranteed to be able to obtain halal certification for free. The free certification fee is an incentive provided by the government. Halal certification fees will be borne by the government. 

In addition, the government also guarantees that the registration of MSME businesses is free of charge by the government. MSMEs no longer need to bother with permits, they only need to register their business units.

As a country with a majority Muslim population, halal certification is of course something important, so the government must have a hand in simplifying regulations regarding the halalness of a product.

Halal certificates certainly have an impact on the sales flow, where the halal-certified MSMEs can get access to send goods. This convenience is of course proof that the ratification of the Job Creation Perppu is able to facilitate the processing of Halal certificates for all business actors, especially MSMEs.

)* The author is a Vimedia Pratama Institute Contributor

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