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TNI-National Police Strengthen Regional Security of KST Papua Ahead of the Democratic Party


Ahead of the 2024 democratic election, all security forces are focused on creating a safe situation. The National Police from the central level to the regional level unites with all security components to achieve security and order in society. Of course, this is the main step for the TNI-Polri to strengthen the security of the Papua region which has special problems with the Terrorist Separatist Group (KST).

The 2024 elections must be carried out safely, because they will determine the fate of the Indonesian state in the next 5 years. The public must participate in maintaining security and order and not be influenced by provocations carried out by KST Papua so that the 2024 elections run smoothly.

Basically, the Papuan KST group carries out acts of terror with acts of violence in order to create fear among the community, so that the Papuan people are always under its influence, but this will not happen because the security forces always act firmly to provide security for the community and will never give up. to defend Papua.

TNI General Dr. H. Moeldoko, SIP, MA said that separatist groups in Papua had committed human rights violations against civil society, including women and children. According to him, the way the Papuan separatist network works is to carry out terror in the form of acts of violence to create fear among the community.

TNI-Polri security measures involve patrols, strict supervision and cooperation between security forces and the community to prevent potential riots and threats of security disturbances from KST Papua.

The joint TNI and Polri team continues to make various efforts to narrow their movement in vulnerable areas of Papua. The Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) must be eradicated. The reason is that they continue to carry out various cruel and cruel acts to terrorize completely innocent civilians. Security forces emphasize that human and citizen safety is the highest law.

This member of the DPR said that a number of conflict-prone areas in Papua have the potential to disrupt the 2024 democratic party. The Korem 173/PVB area which consists of Biak, Deiyai, Paniai, Nabire, Dogiyai, Intan Jaya, Mimika, Puncak and Puncak Jaya Regencies is a conflict-prone area. The need to anticipate conflict is important and a serious concern ahead of the 2024 elections.

The TNI and Polri will take firmer steps against separatist groups in Papua. This step was taken specifically for three districts that were in the red zone, namely Nduga, Intan Jaya and Puncak.

The strong performance of all security forces is the main thing and the support from the community is what makes the security forces enthusiastic about dealing with problems in the Papua region to resolve and eradicate KST Papua.

In this case, TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono has given a guarantee to fully support security efforts in a number of conflict areas in Papua. One effort is to provide defense equipment assistance to secure conflict-prone areas in Papua ahead of the 2024 elections.

Apart from that, the security forces have a strategy to deal with threats that could occur in the Papua region. Brigadier General Sri Widodo said he already had a strategy to anticipate conflict during the 2024 elections in his territory. His party is strengthening cooperative relations with regional governments, community leaders and other important elements.

Strengthening security and the presence of security forces, both at the national and local levels, are also strategies aimed at creating a safe environment for the election process. Strict monitoring is carried out to identify and respond to potential KST threats before they develop into serious threats.

Full commitment to building strong coordination between the TNI and Polri will be a strength in maintaining security and public order, especially in facing threats from KST Papua ahead of the 2024 Political Year and Democratic Party. Good collaboration between the TNI and Polri is the key to success in facing these challenges and being the key to strengthening public trust in the government.

The Papuan people work together to support the security forces’ decisive action in eradicating KST Papua to avoid violence perpetrated by KST Papua, this can improve backwardness, and eradicate poverty in realizing prosperity in the land of Papua.

Security forces have also been active in carrying out eradication operations against KST members. This firm action not only reduces the courage of these separatist groups but also sends a strong message that the country will not tolerate acts of violence and separatism that are detrimental to national security and unity.

It is hoped that all elements of society can help the security forces to eradicate KST in Papua and together maintain the continuity of democracy so that it runs safely and peacefully. In this way, Indonesia can hold elections peacefully and successfully, creating a strong foundation for a sustainable democratic future.

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