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The Legislative Body of the DPR RI Approves the Job Creation Perppu


Jakarta – The DPR’s Legislative Body has approved the Draft Law on the Determination of the Job Creation Perppu to Become Law. The community also welcomed the news positively and hoped that the Job Creation Perppu could be ratified immediately in order to boost the national economy.

The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia has agreed that the work copyright Perppu be immediately brought to the plenary. This Perppu is considered beneficial to the community because it regulates their lives with various clusters, ranging from investment, employment, to MSMEs. The Job Creation Perppu is important for the people of Indonesia, in the midst of a world economic situation that has just recovered from the effects of a pandemic for almost 3 years.
The stipulation of the Job Creation Perpu is a constitutional implementation of the President’s attributive powers based on Article 22 of the 1945 Constitution. However, the exercise of this authority is also limited where the Perpu must be submitted to the DPR RI for approval. Thus the subjectivity of the President in enacting a Perppu will be assessed objectively by the DPR RI to be enacted into a Law (UU).

In the Government Working Meeting with the Legislative Body of the DPR RI in the context of Making a Level I Discussion Decision Making on the Bill on the Determination of the Job Creation Perpu to become Law, Wednesday (15/02), a decision was made that the Bill on the Determination of the Job Creation Perpu was approved to be brought to the DPR RI Plenary Meeting , to make a level II decision and pass it into law.

The Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto together with the Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security, Minister of Law and Human Rights, Deputy Minister of Religion, and representatives of the DPR RI faction who were present at the Working Meeting, signed the approval of the RI DRP Legislative Body on Bill on the Determination of the Perpu on Job Creation to become Law.

The Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto stated that the government had heard the views of the factions and gave their appreciation, both those who supported and agreed, as well as the factions that did not agree. Of course, all these notes will always serve as input for the Government in implementing the Law on the Determination of the Perppu on Job Creation to become a Law later.

Minister Airlangga continued, the Job Creation Perppu provides legal certainty and benefits received by the community, MSMEs, business actors and workers for the implementation of the Job Creation Law, so that these benefits can be continued.

In anticipating developments in the dynamics of the global economy which could have a significant impact on the national economy and job creation, the Government issued Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perpu) Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation as an anticipatory policy in strengthening domestic economic fundamentals through structural reforms.

Therefore the ratification of the Job Creation Perppu is very important for the future of Indonesia. Deputy Minister of Finance (Wamenkeu) Suahasil Nazara stated that Indonesia is entering 2023 with high economic uncertainty due to the threat of a global recession. One third of the world’s countries are threatened with a recession, the impact of tightening monetary policy which is the impact of rising inflation conditions throughout the world. Rising inflation conditions disrupted price stability.

Furthermore, the Deputy Minister of Finance explained, when one third of the world is experiencing a recession, two thirds of countries will definitely be affected. Indonesia is not a country that will be hit by a recession, but must anticipate the threat of a recession by exercising business certainty.

One of the things that is important in Indonesia is business certainty. This is where the importance of ratifying the Job Creation Perppu becomes a law. Its function is to create certainty so that Indonesia can face the threat of a world recession in 2023.

Ratification of the Job Creation Perppu into law will save Indonesia from the threat of a recession because there is certainty in doing business, both for local and foreign entrepreneurs. Local businesses can develop because there is a MSME cluster in this law. Where entrepreneurs at the small and medium level make it easier to do business, because there is free processing of business license numbers (NIB) and also MUI halal status.

With NIB, local entrepreneurs can develop their business because it is considered valid by the state and trusted by banks or finance companies.  He can get a business capital loan and enlarge his business, so that it can grow and get satisfactory results. Entrepreneurs will be free from the threat of recession because their sales will remain good as if there were no pandemics and recessions.

Therefore, the Indonesian people fully support the ratification of the Job Creation Perppu to become a Law by the Indonesian Parliament. Baleg DPR RI is considered very wise because it formalizes a law that will benefit the people. Where there is a threat of a global recession and people are saved by this law, which organizes the world of business, investment and employment for the better. The Legislative Body of the DPR RI will soon pass the Job Creation Perppu to become law. The public also supports it because this law is very beneficial, especially for Indonesia’s future, for the sake of the country’s economy which is facing the threat of recession and the effects of a pandemic. It is hoped that there will be no individuals who oppose the ratification of the Job Creation Perppu to become a law because this law is very good and does not harm the people.

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