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The New Capital City (IKN) Helps the Tourism Sector Grow


By: Gita Oktaviani )*

The Capital City of the Archipelago (IKN) is good news for various opportunities, especially in East Kalimantan, including the opportunity for East Kalimantan’s tourism and creative economy to be more advanced and develop very large, following the establishment of IKN.

Dr. H. Isran Noor in the written remarks delivered by the Regent of Berau Hj. Sri Juniarsih Mas, M.Pd., on the occasion of the East Kalimantan Tourism and Creative Economy Technical Coordination Meeting (Rakornis).

         In front of the coordination meeting participants, the governor explained, the existence of the IKN has made more and more people come with various purposes, one of which is traveling, looking for tourist destinations in East Kalimantan.

         His party also reminded the ranks of tourism and the creative economy to start working more creatively and highly innovating with brilliant ideas in achieving this.

         As the basic capital of progress and development, East Kalimantan has tourism potential and a very diverse creative economy, in the form of customs, cultural heritage, natural beauty and historical heritage on the coast, palaces and inland/borders.

         For this reason, collaboration with parties related to tourism and the creative economy, domestic and foreign. Of course, this cooperation must be concrete and followed up, carried out with full responsibility, so that the results are immediately evident.

         To the Kadispar Kaltim Ahmad Herwansyah and the ranks of the 10 Regency/City tourism OPD in East Kalimantan and tourism partners, Governor Isran Noor conveyed his congratulations on carrying out the coordination meeting.

         He hopes that with this coordination meeting, East Kalimantan as one of the leading national tourist destinations can be implemented properly.

         Meanwhile, the East Kalimantan Provincial Tourism Office has prepared a tour package to welcome the move of the national capital from Jakarta to East Kalimantan.

         Head of the Tourism Marketing Division of the East Kalimantan Tourism Office, Restiawan Baihaqi, said that the Zero Point of the Archipelago is not currently a tourist attraction, but a magnet for tourists so that it becomes a great potential for the surrounding area to be impacted by visits.

         At present the zero point is indeed closed because there is construction activity for the construction of the IKN, but before it was not closed, the number of visitors was very high so that it had caused a problem, namely an increase in the amount of waste.

         Apart from that, East Kalimantan also has the Mahakam River which is no less beautiful than the English River Thames. East Kalimantan in its upstream area has very beautiful riverside rock mountains.

         Previously, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno would bring 10 large investors to IKN Nusantara. Investors will be offered investment opportunities in the tourism sector in the new capital city.

         Sandiaga said development at IKN Nusantara would focus on developing natural and sustainable tourism in accordance with its concept as a jungle city.

         He revealed that later interested investors would be directed to develop these tourism advantages at IKN Nusantara.     

         The development of City Strategic Areas in IKN will later be separated according to their respective functions. In the intervention, government, health, and business areas will be in different locations.

         Based on Presidential Regulation no. 64/2022 in Article 96 states that there are at least 10 directions for development areas in the IKN.

         The development of the central government area will be carried out in the planning area for the central government core area (KIPP) in which the presidential palace, office centers for ministries/agencies, non-ministerials, representatives of foreign countries and international organizations will be built.

         Within the KIPP planning area, a headquarters and headquarters of the defense and security elements will also be built, housing construction for ASN, TNI, Polri, as well as public facilities and social facilities supporting settlements. Apart from that, a symbol of diversity will also be built in the form of a plaza for worship facilities and other symbols.

         Meanwhile, the directions for the development of the waterfront city center business area are in the West IKN planning area which is carried out through the development of international-scale economic, business and financial as well as trade and service centers that are integrated with the city’s TOD (Transit Oriented Development) area, supported by regional transportation nodes. and connected to natural tourist destinations and green open spaces of city parks.

         The development of the international health center area is in the planning area of ​​the West IKN. The development is carried out through the development of an international scale health service center area supported by the development of an integrated sub-city TOD area.

         To support the development of the tourism sector in East Kalimantan, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) is also preparing to build a tourist jetty located in the Archipelago National Capital (IKN) area in East Kalimantan.

         Arif Toha as the Director General of sea transportation at the Ministry of Transportation said that the construction of the pier was carried out as a support for tourist boats for tourists who will visit IKN.

         IKN is not only a sign of the progress of the nation, more than that it is a magnet for local and foreign tourists. So that the development of the IKN has various impacts, namely the expansion of businesses in the IKN and also a magnet for tourists to come to the IKN location.

)* The author is a Contributor to the Windows Baca Institute

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