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Undana Kupang Political Observer: The 2023 Asean Summit in Labuan Bajo Evidence of the Government’s Attention to NTT


Kupang – Political observer at the University of Nusa Cendana Kupang (Undana Kupang), Yohanes Jimmy Nami, said that the President’s repeated visits to NTT were because Jokowi paid special attention to NTT. What’s more, this year Labuan Bajo was used as the venue for the Asean Summit which proves President Jokowi has a desire to improve the welfare of the people of NTT through these international standard activities.

Apart from that, it can also be seen that development in NTT during the Jokowi regime was very meaningful, many national projects were directed at building the economy of the people of NTT, said Yohanes some time ago in Kupang.

“Let’s take the example of food estates, dam construction, and Labuan Bajo as super premium tourism,” he said.

Of course, this opportunity needs to be taken by the regional government as an opportunity to improve people’s welfare, therefore this opportunity needs to be seized as a priority.

Regional governments need to create a conducive socio-political climate within a systematic framework. How then can this development prospect be felt by all regions in NTT, the effect can be felt by all levels of society.

“Abandon the sectoral ego, let alone the regional ego, because it will hinder economic distribution which will impact welfare,” said Yohannes.

The ASEAN Summit is an international agenda, of course everyone is happy that the agenda is being held in Labuan Bajo. Apart from popularizing Labuan Bajo as a super premium destination, it also provides a stimulus for the regional economy.

“It is hoped that this will not only become a locus of activity and pseudo euphoria, but must have a real impact on improving the welfare of the people of NTT with agreements that were born at the ASEAN Summit, able to affirm the local needs of the people of NTT,” said Yohanes.

Labuan Bajo is a super premium tourist area, Indonesia’s tourism campaign. Komodo, the only ancient animal in the world, that there are other tourist destinations besides Bali in Indonesia that are no less unique.

“Apart from that, (Labuan Bajo) is also a place to prove that NTT can also hold large international-class events. Therefore, regional governments must be able to coordinate with the central government so that they can collaborate well for the success of the ASEAN Summit,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Governor of NTT Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat expressed his regional readiness to hold the ASEAN Summit this year. The 2023 ASEAN Summit in Tana Mori, Labuan Bajo is ready with all the necessary facilities for the international meeting, he stressed.

According to Governor Viktor, the Tana Mori area, Labuan Bajo, NTT Province is ready to welcome ASEAN heads of state at the 42nd ASEAN Summit.

“And with pride, the province of East Nusa Tenggara is ready to host the 2023 ASEAN Summit,” Governor Viktor wrote via Instagram post @viktorbungtilulaiskodat.

The Governor of NTT added that as part of the Special Economic Zone (KEK), Tana Mori is a new leading tourism destination in eastern Indonesia which is capable of becoming a driver of economic development in the future.

On the other hand, the Chairman of the West Manggarai KNPI DPD, Sergius Try Dedi said, the KNPI DPD is ready to support the ASEAN Summit and is ready to guarantee security and comfort during the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Baji on 9-11 May 2023.

“The West Manggarai KNPI is ready to support the holding of the ASEAN Summit which will be held in West Manggarai Regency in May,” he said.

“DPD KNPI hopes that the ASEAN Summit activities involve the participation of the community and the DPD KNPI as the host in this case as youth ready to maintain and ensure the existence of stability and security at the ASEAN Summit Summit in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai,” he continued.

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