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Waketum MUI: Avoid divisions in the political year with good prejudice and tabayyun


Jakarta – Maintaining the unity and integrity of the nation is very important to maintain peace in the midst of a heated political situation. This was conveyed by Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Kyai Marsudi Syuhud in a television program held in Jakarta on Friday (24/2).

According to him, elections and political years are always challenging times for the Indonesian nation, because these situations have the potential to trigger conflict and divisions between community groups.

Furthermore, the Deputy Chairperson of the MUI emphasized that the political year has its own characteristics, so when taking a certain political position it will form a variety of situations.

“Election rituals are expected to become commonplace, so that people are encouraged to remain calm and respond in a normal way, especially if they threaten the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Kyai Marsudi.

The political goal, according to Kyai Marsudi, is to compose plans for the next five years.

“Another goal, to unite the community. If the community has been united, then we have to work together and reduce noise. Therefore, it is hoped that the General Election will run safely and comfortably,” said the Deputy Chairperson of the MUI.

One of the efforts to maintain the unity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia in a political year is that all parties must be able to avoid any bad prejudice, including narratives conveyed by anyone so that this nation is not easily divided.

Regarding the polemic regarding Megawati Soekarnoputri’s speech some time ago regarding women reciting recitations, she also explained that the statement by the Chairperson of the PDI-P cannot be swallowed whole, so the true interpretation lies with those concerned.

“If I look at it this way, that the purpose of people speaking in a statement or its pronunciation is the person who discloses it, so if there are people who respond to that statement there might be something right and maybe there is something wrong,” said Kyai Marsudi.

He also appealed to the public to carry out tabayyun or verify in order to find out their true intentions.

Not only that, he clarified that the speech actually contained an invitation to the taklim assembly not only to focus on matters of the hereafter, but also world affairs, especially stunting.

“In my opinion, the sentence conveyed is that if possible the taklim assembly does not only concern the afterlife but also world affairs such as stunting,” he added.

According to Kyai Marsudi, the concept of balancing the world and the hereafter, including dealing with stunting, is a religious order.

“So if we are looking for the hereafter, don’t forget the world because in fact the world is the land for the hereafter,” he concluded

Meanwhile, Political Communication Expert at the University of Indonesia, Dr. Aditya Perdana stated that in this digital era it is not easy because in any way his statement will be cut into pieces according to the interests of the group which will then go viral. This certainly has a purpose because it will spread.

According to him, all parties will probably justify any means to win the battle during the election. Therefore, need to be reminded.

“Besides that, there is hoax news, so you need confidence to always be careful and strengthen digital literacy, including filtering before sharing. Because internet penetration is great and we have to be aware of that, especially when it comes to issues of ethnicity, religion and preferably, this needs to be limited,” said Aditya Perdana.

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