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Build Firmly Indonesia Based on Pancasila in the New Normal Era


By: Putu Raditya Pandet) *
Pancasila is the principle of the Indonesian state and is the source of all sources of law. Pancasila is not just an ideology, but the five principles are applied in daily life. Especially in the new normal era, the application of Pancasila such as social justice is very good for various people and to build a resilient Indonesia.
Do you still memorize the five precepts of Pancasila? Since kindergarten we are taught to memorize the five precepts, but of course it’s better to practice them all. Because Pancasila has been designed so that the life of the state and socializing can go well. whereas in the new normal era, the application of Pancasila could make the country more resilient.
For example, the first precept of Pancasila, the almighty divinity, makes all people more devoted to worship. In the midst of a pandemic, we must not blame God for giving a curse to all citizens of the world with a deadly disease. But realize that this pandemic is a test to be more obedient in worshiping Him.
When everyone is aware that a pandemic is a test, it will be more diligent to pray. After praying and worshiping the heart calms down, and the work runs smoothly. When everyone works with enthusiasm, Indonesia’s financial condition will rise again and our country will advance again. Because prayer is one of the fuels to success.
The second precepts are fair and civilized humanity. The government is trying to remain fair to its people and provide various assistance to affected citizens. Like giving groceries, cash, and others. This assistance makes the people relieved because logistics is maintained and their bodies are healthy, and their enthusiasm in building a resilient Indonesia.
The third precept is the unity of Indonesia. We should try hard to maintain the unity of Indonesia and not be easily influenced by hoax news. Because most hoaxes are made by radicals who want to split national unity. In the new normal era, unity is an absolute thing, because it can mobilize Indonesian citizens.
Whereas the fourth precepts, democracy led by wisdom in consultation and representation, can be practiced with wise presidential leadership. During the pandemic to the new normal period, the president’s administration was very good in handling corona and the policy also included input from the Ministry of Health and other parties.
One example of presidential policy is to reject total lockdown in Indonesia, because it turns out to be able to cripple the economy. In addition, the opening of the new normal era also made the people’s financial condition improve, because it could work smoothly. The economic sector, tourism, and others also improved, so that our financial security improves.
The fifth precept of Pancasila is social justice for all Indonesian people. The government is always just and helps the people not only with social assistance. But there are also other assistance in the form of pre-employment cards, PKH, reduction of loan interest rates at banks, and others. All citizens get the facility and feel cared for by the government.
The practice of Pancasila is certainly not only carried out by the government, but also its people. In addition to diligent worship, we can also make social justice by helping around. When there are deficiencies, the priority is the nearest neighbor. Likewise, if someone turns out to be corona, everyone works together to bring him to the hospital.
All Pancasila precepts, if applied, will make Indonesia resilient in the fields of economy, tourism, and others. The people can work together and care for each other, while the government sets an example by making wise and fair rules for all. Hopefully we can continue to practice Pancasila in the new normal era so life will get better.

) * Active writer in the Jakarta Student Movement (Gema)

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