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The Community Is Urged To Discipline The Transitional PSBB Health Protocol


By: Edi Jatmiko) *
PSBB transition makes people may leave the house, but unfortunately they abuse it. At this time, they should leave the house only when it’s important, like going to the office or the market. But instead it is used for traveling and hanging out in stalls, without wearing masks and violating other health protocols.
During the PSBB transition, public places such as shops, offices, and others have begun to open. Of course with the requirements to comply with health protocols such as a maximum capacity of only 50%, must wear a mask and wash hands, and often disinfectant sprayed. Spraying requires special funds, but must be done for security.
DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan revealed that the public must be disciplined in obeying health protocols. Because during the PSBB transition, if there is no discipline, transmission of the Covid-19 virus will occur, he said when met at City Hall. The public is also expected to be self-aware and comply with the protocol without having to be reminded by the authorities.
The rules about meeting health protocols in DKI Jakarta are listed in Pergub number 21. So there is already a legal basis, and the community is certainly obliged to live it. They must not complain, because this protocol was established for our own safety.
Anies did not even hesitate to give sanctions when someone violated the health protocol, especially when a public place exceeds the maximum capacity limit. He also hopes that the community will work together to report violations. Because not all places are heavily guarded by the authorities.
During the PSBB transition, other than in markets and other public places, many people are prone to being filled in public transportation. It was proven that on the first day of coming to work on the transition PSBB, the commuter line train was immediately crowded with passengers. At the station moreover, people do not obey the rules of distance and are lazy to queue.
This condition is very alarming because it can increase the number of infections of the Covid-19 virus. Especially when the passengers are lazy to wear masks. Though the price is cheap and easily found in stores and online shops. Corona is now more violent because it can be transmitted through the air, so wearing a mask is the best protection.
If people are found out not wearing masks during the PSBB transition, they will be fined 250,000 rupiah or social work to clean the market or other public facilities. When cleaning, you must wear a vest. These sanctions are quite effective because they will be embarrassed when they do it, and have a deterrent effect.
Another penalty given to transgressors of the PSBB transitional rules is the closure of stores. This applies to all shops or malls with more than 50% capacity. When the first and second time violated, will get a reprimand. But when it is done the third time, it will be acted on by the authorities and immediately closed.
You certainly don’t want to be penalized for cleaning or paying a fine. Therefore, during this PSBB transition, in addition to wearing masks, other health protocols were also required. As required washing hands and keep a distance. Don’t even hang around for hours in a coffee shop, sit close together, and masks only droop on the chest.
Do not also antagonize the apparatus that catches violators during the transitional PSBB. They only carry out their duties to enforce discipline. Doesn’t everyone want to get corona? Therefore, it is compulsory to fulfill the health protocol announced by the government.
The PSBB transition is not the time to return to the normal days before the corona attacks. Don’t hang out haphazardly and take off masks, or be desperate to pack into a busy Mall. You certainly do not want to be fined 250,000 rupiah. Complying with the health protocol is also not burdensome, as long as it is done together.

) * The writer is active in the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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