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Door to Door Vaccination Efforts to Prevent the Third Wave of Covid-19


By: Abdul Haris)*

The government through the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) continues to optimize the implementation of door-to-door vaccinations. The door-to-door vaccination activity is an effort to strengthen collective immunity while preventing the third wave of Covid-19.

When there is an increase in Corona cases because of the Omicron variant, we must be prepared, lest there be a third wave of Covid-19 attacks which becomes a tragedy and takes a lot of lives. Health protocols must be tightened and vaccinations must be injected without exception (for Indonesian citizens over 6 years old).

One way to avoid Corona attacks, especially the Omicron variant, is by vaccination because if someone has been vaccinated, they will have a stronger immune system and are not easily exposed to Corona, especially the Omicron variant. The vaccine is injected up to 2 times, plus one more injection, aka a booster, to further increase the body’s immunity.

Vaccination is mandatory and everyone should be grateful because it is still being provided by the government. Moreover, currently there is a door to door vaccination which makes the process easier, because it is health workers who come directly to the community. The program, which was initially initiated by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), is an effort to prevent the third wave of Corona in Indonesia.

Why door-to-door vaccination? The reason is that this type of vaccination comes to participants and when it is easy for the community to access it, they will be happy to be injected. As a result, vaccination coverage is wider and hopefully with this program the government’s target will be achieved (ie vaccination will be completed in 18 months, starting from March 2021).

When the vaccination coverage is wider, it means that more people have been vaccinated up to 2 times (while waiting for the booster vaccine). They have a good immune system so they are not easy to get Corona. Even though you have been vaccinated, don’t be arrogant and take off your mask because you still have to obey health protocols, because the global pandemic period has not been declared over by WHO.

That way, the number of patients can be suppressed and there will be no third Covid attack, as predicted by epidemiologists. The reason is because when a person’s immune system is good, they will not be susceptible to disease, including the Omicron variant Corona.

Usually door-to-door vaccination is carried out in residential areas and is very profitable because they just have to wait in line for the vaccine to be injected later. You don’t have to go to the puskesmas, hospital, or other mass vaccination locations. It saves time because less is injected and also saves transportation costs.

Especially if the scope is small (only 1 housing or village) it will minimize crowds and chairs when queuing for vaccines must be distanced so that they can maintain a distance between each other. There will be less risk than participating in mass vaccination in the field or other places where the participants can be thousands of people.

Therefore, if there is a door to door vaccination, don’t miss this golden opportunity, especially if you haven’t been vaccinated at all. Register with the officers and they will be happy to record data and serve the health of citizens sincerely. Instead of running for fear of needles, remember that it is more painful to get Corona, especially Omicron, than getting an injection.

The door-to-door vaccination initiated by BIN is one of the efforts to prevent the increase in Corona cases in Indonesia, because if there is this program, the vaccination coverage will be wider. More people will have a strong immune system and are not easily infected with the Covid-19 virus. Of course, by adhering to health protocols.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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