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IKN Transfer Builds Indonesian Socio-Cultural Quality


The public appreciates the move of the State Capital to East Kalimantan. This transfer is expected to build and develop the socio-cultural quality of the community.

The discourse on moving the state capital from Jakarta has existed since the Soekarno government until now. Various considerations why it is important to move the State Capital to be done, among others, to reduce development inequality, equitable development and grow a new economic center that is not only dominated by Java centric.

Of course, the transfer of IKN is not done immediately, but the transfer of IKN certainly must have a legal basis and in-depth studies carried out by experts and experts. Through the IKN Law, which is the legal foundation and basis for relocating until the National Capital has actually moved as a strategic step for equitable development and the economy.

Gradually and continuously based on the IKN Law, the momentum for the start of the IKN transfer is not just one time, but is carried out in stages until 2045, which of course takes a long time. Meanwhile, the study of the displacement of IKN from social, economic, political, cultural, defense and security factors as well as the potential for natural disasters is important why IKN must move from DKI Jakarta. The uneven population density centered on the island of Java has an impact on gaps in various aspects that need refreshment and renewal.

In the IKN Law, of course, there will also be derivative regulations of Government Regulations (PP), Presidential Decrees (Kepres), to Regulations of the Head of the IKN Authority, all of which are to regulate issues of organizational structure, duties and authorities and work procedures of the IKN Authority.

Expected Impact

There are many hopes and positive impacts that become aspirations for a better life through the transfer of IKN. However, the polemic of IKN transfer continues to grow widely, with many parties opposing and making negative comments regarding the transfer of IKN.

Seeing this condition, it is hoped that the transfer of IKN to East Kalimantan will have a broad impact on equitable development and the economy, which has been an imbalance between the islands of Java and outside Java, as well as realizing development of social and cultural quality in Indonesia. Penajem Paser Regency and Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan were chosen as the locations and places for IKN. Of course, they have gone through in-depth studies and research with various considerations both nationally, regionally and internationally geopolitically and geostrateically.

That many parties oppose the transfer of IKN is certainly legal in today’s democratic world, however, of course, let’s think intelligently that the transfer of IKN should not be used as a political tool to criticize the government, corner the government and even try to divide the unity and integrity of fellow nation’s children. The capital city of the country named Nusantara has also been through thought and study of why it is called Nusantara, so far we understand that Nusantara is another term or name for Indonesia which consists of thousands of islands, cultures, customs separated by the ocean but become a part that is able to unite within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

The support of all parties to realize the transfer of IKN is certainly very important, the impact of equitable development from the existence of inequality in all aspects of life is certainly needed so that IKN will become a barometer of development success that has strategic value while still considering unity and integrity within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Geopolitical and geostrategic strength The area with the movement of IKN to East Kalimantan which is also the lungs of the world will have strategic value at the international level. On the other hand, the new National Capital will have a vision, among others, as a symbol of the identity of the Indonesian nation, as a smart, green, and green city. Beautiful and Sustainable Modern and of international standard, has effective and efficient governance as well as a city that drives economic equality in the Eastern Indonesia Region, so that it will realize good quality development of Indonesian Social and Culture that is more dignified.

By : RIANA ( Community Social Observer )

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