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Employees Not Passing TWK Are Political Adventurers and Parasites at the KPK


By: Muhammad Yasin)*

Employees who do not pass the national insight test are asked to resign because they are deemed unfit to be appointed as ASN. They are asked to relax and continue their careers in other institutions or offices. After that, they hope for an evaluation because if they fail to stay at the KPK, they might be working as a parasite and hiding their political adventures from the public.

Everyone who will be appointed as ASN must pass a national insight test, because this exam is very crucial. This test shows that a person has a sense of love for his country and is obedient to the 1945 Constitution and Pancasila. Including the KPK employees who will be appointed as ASN. They have to do these test questions in order to become civil servants.

But unfortunately, of the many KPK employees, there were 75 people who did not qualify. As many as 24 people get a second chance to be appointed ASN, because they can still be fostered through national seminars. While the rest had to bite their fingers because they failed to continue their careers at the KPK, even though they were still given the opportunity to work until October 2021.

KPK employees who do not pass the test are expected to look in the mirror, why did they fail to take the national insight test? Don’t even accuse the KPK officials of various things or that there are certain plans concerning state conditions, in 2024. Because the reality is not like that.

It’s easier to blame others than to reflect on your own failures. If they fail to pass the national insight test, then they may have a political adventure that is against the state. The reason is because the questions in the national insight test also ask about a person’s political views.

Do not let KPK employees have political adventures out there, which ultimately harm themselves and especially harm the KPK. Because being a KPK employee is very vulnerable to temptation. If they prefer a political party, then they may even abuse their position and authority in the office.

Imagine if all KPK employees did not have to go through a national insight test before being appointed as ASN, then there is no indicator that someone within the institution has a negative political mode. Therefore, TWK is very important because it can filter out which employees are loyal to the state and which employees turn out to be mbalelo hobbies.

Therefore, every KPK employee must be required to be neutral, especially when he has officially become an ASN. A civil servant is certainly not allowed to become a politician because he violates the rules, and can influence his co-workers and subordinates. So neutrality is the key and they should not be dragged into practical politics.

There is also an assumption that KPK employees who do not pass the national insight test and fail to become ASN are parasites. This could be true, because it was discovered in 2019, there were a number of KPK employees who received salaries even though they were studying. In fact, if he is in college again, he is entitled to enjoy living costs, but with an extra salary it means eating away the state’s money. Because I don’t work but I still get a salary.

They were the ones who were eventually found to be thorns in the flesh within the KPK and eventually had to resign respectfully. Don’t even make noise outside and play as a victim, because you can’t be appointed as ASN and blame KPK officials and the President. But he forgot that he had enjoyed the results of corruption because he enjoyed a salary as well as living costs, even though he worked at an anti-corruption agency.

Employees who do not pass the national insight test, please continue their careers until October 2021 before they finally retire. They should conduct an evaluation because if they cannot be appointed as ASN, then the fault is in themselves. So you have to be willing to accept it.

)* The author is a citizen living in Semarang

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