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Fight Hoaxes and Provocative Content Around Papua’s Special Autonomy


By: Alfred Jigibalom) *

2021 is a crucial period because there is an extension of special autonomy (autonomy) in Papua. To make the volume 2 program successful, the public needs to work together to beat hoaxes and provocative content about otsus. The goal is that the otsus volume 2 will be 100% successful and make the people of Papua more prosperous.

Hoaxes are a threat in cyberspace, because because of the fake news / images, many are affected and eventually ignite emotions. Likewise with provocative content. All are produced by unscrupulous individuals, with the aim of opposing government programs. The rise of hoaxes and provocative content must make us more vigilant in filtering news on the internet.

One of the victims of the hoax is special autonomy. This program is prone to being subjected to fake news and provocative content, because there are parties who do not like the otsus to be extended in Papua. In fact, Otsus is not like a military operation area in NAD, but a program specifically designed to prosper the Papuan people.

The first hoax about autonomy is fake news with a narrative that the Papuan people are against special autonomy. This news was then broadcast abroad and it is hoped that it will get sympathy from the international community and then be linked to the Papuan independence campaign. In fact, the Papuan people are not against the special autonomy system, because they feel more prosperous with the special autonomy fund.

In addition, there are also hoaxes about otsus which are useless because this program does not bring prosperity to the people of Papua. In fact, the Earth of Cendrawasih is progressing and prosperous, thanks to the Youtefa Bridge, Trans Papua Road, and other infrastructure. Thanks to the Trans Papua road, the price of goods has dropped even more because goods can be sent by land, not by air. So that the people will be more economical and get rich.

Meanwhile, the provocative content circulating on the internet is about the anti-otsus campaign initiated by Benny Wenda. The OPM’s dedication intensively wants to liberate Papua and fight all government programs, including special autonomy.

The chairman of the Papuan People’s Council, Timotius Murib, stated that this kind of provocation would only prolong the Papuans who live on the Earth of Cendrawasih. In that sense, if there is public pressure to stop Otsus, it will be the Papuan people who lose. Because they canceled their facilities thanks to the special autonomy funds. For example scholarships, business capital assistance, etc.

To anticipate this, we are obliged to fight hoaxes and provocative content that attacks otsus on the internet. Even though we are not Papuans, we are also obliged to make Otsus a success, because it is proof of a good Indonesian citizen.

One way to fight Otsus hoaxes is to report social media accounts that spread fake news / images about Otsus. Just click the ‘report this account’ sign and Facebook and Instagram will read your report. If proven hoax, then the account will be frozen.

A quick way to ward off hoaxes is to report them to the cyber police. Currently the police already have a cyber police unit whose job is to monitor the actions of naughty netizens who like to spread hoaxes and terror on the internet. If there are accounts of individuals who like to spread hoaxes about Papua’s special autonomy, then the cyber police will be very happy when there are netizens who report them.

To fight hoaxes and provocative content, we are obliged to carry out education, so that people know how to distinguish between real and fake news. In addition, if there is an Otsus hoax, it can be quickly reported to the social media owner or cyber police. So that it will be dealt with quickly. Let’s succeed volume 2 by fighting hoaxes on the internet together.

) * The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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