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Health Protocols and Vaccination Strategies for Controlling the Covid-19 Pandemic


By: Yoga Ata lariq ) *

To get out of the pandemic phase, it is necessary to be disciplined in 2 things: vaccinations and health protocols. Don’t let it loose because if you miss it, don’t wear a mask and end up languishing because of the corona . Health protocols must be implemented even if they only go out to the stall. Vaccinations are also mandatory, so that we are all free from the Covid-19 virus.

People are tired and saturated due to experiencing a pandemic for more than 12 months. Ka rena pandemic, many losing their jobs, and merchandise are also quiet. Everyone wants to be corona free so that things can return to how they used to be. But strangely they were negligent in health protocols, also afraid of being injected with the corona vaccine .

This phenomenon is of course very annoying, because the level of discipline must be increased, if we are to be free from the grip of the pandemic. Vaccination is mandatory for all Indonesian citizens, even those who have had the corona virus . After all, vaccines are free for the government , so what are other reasons for refusing the injection?

The Sinovac vaccine used in the early stages of the national vaccination program has also received MUI halal status. So that Muslims can feel safe before being injected. Moreover, this vaccine does not contain gelatin made from pork. Rather, it is made of a weakened covid-19 virus.

In order to shorten the national vaccination program to only 12 months (from the predicted 18 months), an independent route vaccination was also opened. The community also benefits because again the injection is free, because the costs are borne by the office. This vaccine is also safe because it is under the control of the Ministry of Health.

Even though they have received the corona vaccine , the public is asked not to violate health protocols. Indeed, after injection, the body will get immunity from the covid-19 virus. But when immunity is dropping , corona will lurk and infect all body tissues. Because the pandemic only ends when there is herd immunity, not personal immunity.

Never remove the mask after vaccination, so avoided of droplets carrying the virus covid-19. Moreover, the number of OTGs is increasing and we do not know which of our friends or neighbors is a person without symptoms. It is better to heat up wearing a mask, rather than languishing for 2 weeks because of being infected with the Covid-19 virus. Isn’t prevention better than cure?

The use of masks is very mandatory, because the effectiveness of new use occurs when at least 75% of people in 1 environment wear them. So, when traveling, try to bring a dozen masks and distribute them to those who don’t wear them. That way, you are helping others from corona as well as helping yourself from the risk of transmission.

In addition to wearing masks, people must be disciplined in protecting their immunity and the environment. If it is difficult to find a place to wash your hands in public facilities, then just bring a hand sanitizer or wet wipes that contain alcohol. Your hands will be clean and you can be safe from corona attacks . Don’t forget to also wipe the door handles , elevator buttons, or other objects that are often held by the public

Physical distancing health protocol is a rule that has been violated quite often, because a few weeks ago it was the mating season. A wedding party should only invite a maximum of 35 people (including one’s own family). If an event that triggers a crowd is disbanded by the covid-19 task force team, then don’t blame them, because they only enforce the rules.

To deal with a pandemic, we must not violate health protocols . Wear a mask even if you only go to the terrace of the house or to the neighbor’s shop. Maintain personal hygiene and body immunity. In addition, vaccinations are mandatory, so that group immunity is quickly formed. We will soon be free from the pandemic when everyone is healthy and has been vaccinated.

) * The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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