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ICF: The Active Role of Media Amid the Pandemic


Media is an important component that has a multi-functional role, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccination programs. Namely as an educational, source of information that is able to influence society.

In its role as educative, the media must be able to provide insight into what and how and the benefits of vaccination.

“Nearly 79% of the wider community takes information and insights from the media. Then as a provider of information, the media is also able to influence the public including artists or celebrities, for example an appeal to strictly implement health protocols, convey the importance of vaccination and so on,” said Rakisa, Indonesian spokesperson. Care Forum entitled ‘Smart Chat on Radio Muara Jakarta with the theme’ Active Role of Media, Public Figures in Inviting the Community to Implement Post-Covid-19 Vaccination Health Protocols, Wednesday (24/2/2021).

Then Rakisa continued, the role of media as entertainment is an effort to maintain immune stamina so that it is not easily affected by Covid-19.

“Spaya is not easily stressed and to relieve social tension, entertainment is needed here, the role of media is needed,” he added.

Therefore, Rakisa said, another role of the media today that the media should avoid during the Covid-19 pandemic is
avoid hoax coverage and be able to reduce negative stigma by presenting information that is clear and environmentally friendly.

“Finally, the important role of the media during the COVID-19 pandemic is as part of a control tool to be able to convey, wanting the public that after being vaccinated, they still have to comply with health protocols,” he explained.

Not forgetting, Rakisa invited the public to do so
support vaccine programs and strictly adhere to health protocols.

In line with Neng Ifini, an artist who is also a presenter for a private television program, said that his active role during the pandemic and Covid-19 vaccination is how to invite his fans to comply with government recommendations during the pandemic.

“To be honest, during this pandemic our entertainment world was also affected by Covid-19, but we are trying to remain productive and have limited activities,” said Ifni.

Ifni also invited the public to maintain strict health protocols in their activities amid the pandemic. []

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