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Appreciate the Second Stage of Corona Vaccination


By: Dodik Prasetyo ) *

Corona vaccination in Indonesia has entered the second phase, in the third week of February 2021. The target of this vaccine is public service workers and the elderly. Vaccinations will be given in stages, and are expected to be completed by the end of May 2021. Even though they have been vaccinated, they are still advised to adhere to health protocols.

When you want to end the pandemic status, vaccination is the only effective way. Because vaccines can increase immunity against the covid-19 virus attack. So that no one is infected again, and everyone is free from Corona . The Sinovac vaccine is chosen by the government in the phase 1 vaccination, because it has a high enough effectiveness.

Currently, vaccination is almost entering its second phase , and the plan is to start in the third week of February. If the first stage of vaccination is given to health workers, the targets for the second stage are different. Vaccines will be given to public service personnel.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health explained that the public service officers who will be vaccinated include: teachers, lecturers, state officials, athletes, journalists, public transportation officers, religious leaders, and traders in the market. A total of more than 38 million officers will be vaccinated gradually. The plan is that the injections will be given from the end of February to the end of May 2021.

The public appreciated the second stage of vaccination for public service officers, because they also had a high risk while working. For example, a pestle trader comes into contact with many people in the market. So that he could catch it from OTG, which he subscribes to. If you are infected and do not know that you are sick, it will spread to the whole market, and make the situation even worse.

Likewise with journalists. They are officers in the field and are highly mobile. Also contact with many sources during interviews, work colleagues , etc. Vaccine injection is very important, especially because the corona can spread through dirty air and tight spaces.

In addition to the addition of the category of citizens who must be vaccinated, there are also changes in the rules for giving vaccinations. In the second stage, the elderly can be given a vaccine injection. So that those over 60 years of age can feel relieved, because they can be injected. The difference is, there is a gap of 28 days between vaccinations, not 14 days. Because the immune system of the elderly is different from that of young people.

Likewise, people who have been sick with corona , can be vaccinated as long as the injection is given 3 months after being sick. The reason is because it turns out that Covid survivors can get the same illness, when their immunity decreases. So they also have to get injections, so they don’t feel the pain of being infected with the corona for the second time.

Sti Nadia Tarmizi, Spokesperson for Vaccination from the Ministry of Health stated that, in stage 2, the elderly and public service workers do not need to register. The reason is because they are already registered. They only need to come to the vaccination site and mention their NIK.

People are happy because there are additional categories for vaccine recipients. Because breastfeeding mothers can also get injections. Likewise with PLWHA. They no longer need to bother looking for ways to get the corona vaccine independently, or fly to other countries to get the injection.

The addition of a category to the second phase of vaccination shows the government’s concern, because more people can be vaccinated. Traders in the market is also a priority because it includes work with the risk of tow , so it should be vaccinated as soon as possible. The government is not choosy and siding with the little people .

The community awaited and appreciated the phase 2 corona vaccination , because the elderly, traders, journalists, and other public service officers were the ones who had their turn. They were happily injected, because they wanted to be corona free . Of course, after being vaccinated, you still have to adhere to health protocols so that everyone is healthy.

) * The author is a contributor to the Indonesian Strategic Information Studies Institute (LSISI)

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