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Indonesia is Experiencing Progress in Responding to Covid-19


By: Derry Pranandia ) *

Corona still hasn’t disappeared from Indonesia but there is progress in dealing with it. The number of corona patients has decreased and the transmission rate has started to drop. This positive progress shows the hard work of the government, the covid task force team, and health workers who have worked hard to fight corona.

There was positive news in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, when 1 tower at Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital was empty. Whereas back then there was very full of patients and some were even rejected. But now it is slowly receding. This news is like water that provides coolness in the desert, because it means that many corona patients have recovered and the number of people infected has decreased.

According to Maj. Gen., Dr. Task Ratmono, coordinator of the Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital, there is indeed an empty tower there. The number of isolated patients still occupies tower number 5. Last October, the number of patients with mild moderate symptoms was 44%, and finally it fell to 36% in just a month. Meanwhile, people without symptoms also fell from 23% to 17%.

The decline in the number of patients is a great relief because the corona curve will soon slope and it is hoped that this disease will actually leave Indonesia. This means that we have passed the peak of the curve, aka the critical period due to the large number of Covid-19 patients. This shows the hard work of the medical team and the covid task force team that are working together to fight corona.

During a pandemic, doctors and other health workers have the courage to face corona patients, even though they are at very high risk of contracting them. Currently there are 136 registered doctors who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of patient safety. They also sacrifice their feelings by avoiding contact with their families, so as not to spread the corona.

When the number of patients decreases, another party that is also appreciated is the Covid Task Force team. M hey go directly to pick OTG and far under to the hospital, and also at risk of contracting the corona. The task force team is not health workers but they are very alert to assist in carrying out the rapid test and tracing (tracking) of people who have contact with the OTG.

Even though the number of corona patients has decreased and the vaccine will soon be distributed by the government, we shouldn’t be careless for a second. Don’t forget to wear a mask. Remember mother’s message to implement 3M, wear a mask, wash your hands with soap, and keep your distance. Plus avoiding crowds and full air-conditioned spaces, because corona is transmitted through the air.

Don’t be careless and take off the mask on your own. Or wearing a medical mask repeatedly. The public needs to be educated again about the types of masks, because surgical masks are only disposable. Before throwing it away, it must also be torn so that it is not used by others.

Do not also use scuba and buff type masks even though the prices are very cheap, because these 2 types are not effective in holding back droplets. Sela in it, when it is disposable face shield still wearing the mask for security reasons. Also, be vigilant when eating because you have to remove the mask, so avoid dine-in at restaurants for a while.

The decline in the number of corona patients is new hope and we all hope that the pandemic will end soon. When the vaccine has been injected and herd immunity runs, the emergency status can be revoked. Schools will reopen and life will return to normal. we should be grateful that the situation can recover during the adaptation period for new habits even though it is not 100%.

When fewer people are affected by corona, we must appreciate medical personnel who are struggling on the battlefield. Another step to appreciate them is to stick to health protocols and remember mothers’ messages to do 3M. Hopefully the number of patients really does drop to 0 and this terrible pandemic ends soon.

) * The author is a United Muslim Millennial contributor in Jakarta

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