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Indonesia Optimistic Past the Pandemic Covid-19


By: Bagus Pramudhita ) *

Before the Corona Virus was declared a pandemic , Indonesia had been hit by quite a crisis, such as the monetary crisis in 98 and the economic slowdown in 2008. But both crises were overcome so that the corona pandemic should be able to be passed by the Indonesian people, of course this must be accompanied by attitudes optimistic of all elements of the nation.

              As said by the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Johnny G Plate, his party said that Indonesia was optimistic that it would successfully fight and end the co-19 pandemic. Provided that all elements of society deign to comply with every policy and protocol for covid-19 consistently.

              The Minister of Communication and Information said that Covid-19 handling protocols such as health, transportation, communication and other protocols were decisive for Indonesia to enter a new normal era after facing the current situation.

              Optimism about the end of the Covid-19 pandemic came about with the easing of the PSBB, although that does not mean that the PSBB was completely erased. Because for people who want to travel outside the city or outside the province, must show a free covid-19 letter, letter of assignment from the office and other administrative requirements .

              However, healthy lifestyle habits must begin to be applied, such as eating with balanced nutrition, by increasing fruit and vegetables. Consumption of balanced nutrition can certainly strengthen the body’s immune system, if the body’s immunity is good then our body can fight the corona virus.

              Earlier, Covid-19 Handling Spokesman Achmad Yurianto said the national recovery rate was 41.48%, the percentage was still below the world average of 54.15%. Nevertheless, if it is broken down into the scope of regencies / cities, then there are 18 provinces that show an average recovery rate above the world average recovery.

              In fact there are 5 Provinces with recovery rates above 80% including Bangka Belitung, Yogyakarta, Central Sulawesi , West Sulawesi and Gorontalo.

              If you look at the data collected by the Covid-19 Handling Task Force which shows a sharp spike in the number of patients recovering from covid-19. So we should be optimistic because the number of patients recovered on June 28 reached 1027 people.

              Whereas before, the average daily cure rate was at intervals of 200-400 people a day. It also touched above the number 500. Healing rates for each region were also different.

              On different occasions, the Minister of Trade Agus Sup armanto expressed his optimism to be able to get through the Covid-19 pandemic. This optimism is conveyed by the invitation to run the ‘new normal’, new spirit or run a new life order with a new spirit.

              Agus is optimistic that Indonesia can pass the co-19 pandemic well, by running new normal with new spirit. Currently, trading activities have also begun to be opened gradually to reactivate the economy. The reopening of this trading activity must be followed by high compliance and awareness of all parties in implementing the health protocol.

              On the occasion, Agus also said that the price of sugar has returned to normal, according to the highest retail price, which is Rp 12,500 / Kg and the price of garlic has begun to be controlled.

              The Ministry of Trade also guarantees the availability of sugar supply in the public market and modern retail. Specifically for the availability of sugar in modern retail, this sugar supply guarantee is also supported by the Indonesian Retail Business Association (Aprindo). So that people do not need to worry because the price of sugar is relatively stable in accordance with the highest retail price (HET).

              Covid pandemic in fact not only had an impact on the health sector, at the beginning of the pandemic, sugar prices in Jakarta had experienced a surge to Rp 19,200 / kg in Jakarta. While in the Maluku region the price of sugar had reached Rp 19,500.

              At that time, the Ministry of Trade said, the impact of the spread of the corona virus made a number of countries temporarily close their trade access . One of the impacts is trade access to trading partner countries which usually supply refined sugar and raw sugar to Indonesia.

              But now, the price of sugar has gradually returned to normal. This of course shows that Indonesia is preparing to rise from the slump due to the co-19 pandemic.

              The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many sectors to experience a downturn, but with good news such as the increase in covid patients who have been declared cured and the decline in the prices of basic foods, it should make us even more optimistic to rise from the corona virus pandemic.

) * The author is a contributor of The Jakarta Institute

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