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Law Creates Work to Realize Community Welfare


The Covid-19 pandemic caused economic problems, because many were laid off due to loss-making companies. Even if you have a job, you must be willing to pay less. In order to avoid confusion as a result of this situation, the government enacted the Job Creation Law which had an investment cluster, which had a positive domino effect on the economic sector.

The covid-19 virus attack not only has a negative effect on health, but also on the financial sector. Many businesses have closed, ranging from small to high-class. All fell due to the corona storm which decreased people’s purchasing power. The people gasped, even though the price of basic necessities did not increase, but they lost half their salary because the company was losing money.

The government is trying hard to overcome the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic by promulgating the Job Creation Law last October. In this law, there is an investment cluster that will facilitate investment regulations in Indonesia. Investors can enter our country and build factories and other businesses, because the rules are not as rigid as they used to be.

In addition, the bureaucracy in regulating foreign investment can also be eradicated, because the permits are guaranteed to be completed in a fast time. The reason is to get permission, it can be taken care of online. So that they take the time and do not waste the duration of the KITAS (temporary residence permit card) in Indonesia.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani continues to promote the usefulness of the Job Creation Law. he believes that this Law is an investment for our children. Because later if there is a mining, food, electronics, automotive, and other industries, it can arise if there is capital (capital). Capital will emerge when the state creates a favorable investment environment.

It is no secret that a business needs additional capital and an injection of funds if it wants to level up. However, MSME entrepreneurs often find it difficult to increase business capital, because they do not have land certificates or other collateral when applying for credit to the bank. Even though they have brilliant business ideas, they always run into financial problems.

Another way to increase capital is by partnering with investors. Money from investors can make a business grow, while investors get a share of profits. There is a mutually beneficial symbiosis of mutualism between business people and investors, so the MSME business can move up to the upper class level.

To overcome this, the Job Creation Law must be implemented properly, so that more investors enter. They can add capital to MSME entrepreneurs and work together to develop the business. So that it is growing and getting a lot of buyers, not only from Indonesia but also from the world.

If the MSME business grows, they will recruit more employees and solve the problem of unemployment. Automatically the people’s welfare will improve because they have a fixed income. They can buy groceries and other necessities with salary money, and are no longer confused about paying tuition fees and other children’s needs.

When many unemployed turn into employees, people’s purchasing power also increases. Automatically the situation in the market and the mall changes, from sluggish to bright, because many people flock there. When many are shopping, it will increase the production of goods. Then the factory will be more profitable because the goods are selling well.

If the factory benefits, it will also have a positive impact on its employees. They didn’t get their pay cut. However, the income returned to the UMP standard and even got an annual bonus. This positive domino effect will occur, because of the omnibus law powers of the Job Creation Law.

The Job Creation Law brings welfare to the community because in this Law there are dozens of clusters which basically make the condition of Indonesian citizens better. In the investment cluster, foreign investment can enter smoothly and improve business conditions in this country.

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