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People Do Not Have To Worry About Covid-19 Vaccine


We are very tired of facing the pandemic era and the news about a vaccine that has been found provides new hope. Although it is not clear when it will arrive in Indonesia, please do not believe in confusing hoaxes, especially about Covid-19. The public is also encouraged to continue to refer to information from official government sources.

When the corona vaccine was discovered, the community was excited and wanted to get an injection. However, some of them are somewhat disappointed because this vaccine has not yet entered Indonesia. Because in fact many people are stressed, even ahead of depression, during the Covid-19 pandemic. No wonder they want to be immunized immediately so that the pandemic will end quickly and be free like before.

Responding to this, the spokesperson for the Covd Task Force Team Doctor Wiku Adisasmito asked the public to be patient waiting for the arrival of the corona vaccine. The government is preparing a roadmap in the form of priorities for vaccine administration, immunization schedule, distribution and flow, etc. Because currently the vaccine is still in clinical trial stage 3, so please be patient.

Vaccine distribution is arranged so that it can reach all of Indonesia. Doctor Wku continued, giving priority to vaccines in areas with the most corona patients, aka the red zone. In that sense, for people living outside Java, don’t worry, because they will also be given corona immunizations evenly.

Doctor Wiku also appealed to the public not to 100% believe in the confusing news about the corona vaccine. Just wait for the game date and surely the vaccine will come to Indonesia. While waiting for the corona immunization schedule, don’t let your guard down. Continue to adhere to health protocols to avoid the dangers of the covid-19 virus.

Don’t just say that there will be a corona vaccine, instead they underestimate the protocol and forget to remember mother’s message. We still have to do 3M: wear masks, keep your distance, and wash your hands. In fact, vigilance must be increased and not slack. Maintain cleanliness and immunity, so that no one is infected with corona anymore.

People are still asked to keep their distance and don’t even dare to organize parties, social gatherings, or other events that invite large numbers of people. Understand that we are still in a pandemic era. Don’t even invite corona into the family environment and always obey the rules of the government.

People should also not be desperate to look for vaccines themselves because they are impatient for official immunization from the government. If someone claims to have the covid-19 vaccine and offers it over the internet, don’t believe it. Because it could be a fake vaccine. Although it is claimed that the contents are valid, we do not know what was included in the ampoule.

If you are desperate to find a vaccine yourself and even inject yourself, it will be fatal. it could be that the fake vaccine contains substances that are harmful to the body. Especially when you have a congenital disease, you can experience contra with its contents and even have to be rushed to the hospital.

Be patient to wait and surely the government will provide corona immunization for all its people. Although the priority for injections is medical personnel, that does not mean that the government is unfair. Due to the fact that doctors and other health workers have the greatest risk of contracting corona from patients.

Vaccines will definitely be distributed and don’t believe when there is the lure of free immunization. Or offer a vaccine with the condition that you have to choose it in the local election. This is the craziest campaign. This kind of thing will destroy the sanctity of the election and immediately report it to the KPU.

The public is asked to wait patiently for the arrival of the corona vaccine and follow the path given by the government. Later all will get it, and don’t get agitated and then angry. Do not also persuade people who claim to have the vaccine, because it may contain fake drugs.

) * The author is active in the Indonesian Strategic Information Study Institute (LSIS)

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