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Optimal Government Anticipating the Covid-19 Explosion


By: Aditya Akbar)*

The increase in the number of corona patients is certainly sad, because we certainly don’t want to be the next patient. The government is working hard to anticipate the explosion of Covid-19 cases with several strategies. Among them by closing tourist attractions and reducing community mobility.

People are tired of facing the pandemic because they are facing an invisible enemy called Corona. They want to live freely without masks like they used to, but instead of decreasing, the variant of the covid virus has actually increased. This virus mutation is more dangerous because the strength and transmission is 2 times stronger.

A year into the pandemic, the number of corona patients has not decreased, but has increased. If last month there were an average of 5,000 additional Covid patients per day, then since June 2021 the number of patients has increased by 8,000 people per day. This is very sad because it has been predicted by epidemiologists, when someone is desperate to go home or travel during the Eid holidays, and finally many people get corona.

Doctor Wiku Adisasmito, a spokesman for the COVID-19 task force, stated that to deal with the explosion of corona cases, the government had a special strategy. First, there is coordination of the Covid-19 task force starting from the national level to the sub-district/village level. So that the task force team will work harder and tighter to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

The Covid task force team will be more frequent on mobile patrols, with the aim of dissolving crowds in the community. Why did they come down to the field ? The reason is because there are still many who are stubborn and create crowds, such as wedding parties or music concerts. Crowds in public places such as markets must also be disbanded, so as not to form a new corona cluster.

If there is an intentional crowd, for example in a restaurant that does not limit the number of guests and does not comply with health protocols, then he can be fined. Once sealed, the owner must pay a minimum of 2 million rupiah. This fine is intended as a deterrent effect, so that everyone obeys health protocols.

The second strategy is to complete the facilities in the hospital. Because if there is a building but medical equipment, PPE, and other facilities are incomplete, it will be useless. Hospitals even in small areas must be equipped with ventilators , oxygen cylinders, and other medical equipment. Also health workers who are qualified and brave to fight on the front lines to fight corona.

While the third strategy is with preventive efforts, namely promoting health protocols again. Not only 3M but also 5M. If there are so many masks on the market, why are there still people who are lazy to wear them? Even though it is cheap and the protection is much more expensive than the price.

The same goes for hand washing protocols. We often forget to clean our hands when we arrive at a place or return home. Though hands can be a nest of disease. By diligently bathing, shampooing, changing clothes, then eating nutritious dishes and maintaining home hygiene, antibodies will increase and be protected from corona attacks.

The protocol that is often violated is reducing mobility. Therefore, the government imposes mandatory swab tests, not rapids, to fly while flying. The validity period of the test is also only 1×24 hours.

Meanwhile, another 2M is avoiding crowds and keeping a distance. Be patient not to make a big event, until the pandemic is over. In addition, crowds in tourist attractions can be removed by closing them. This action is not an extreme thing, because we look in the mirror from Kudus, which is a black zone, because of the many places of pilgrimage there.

To anticipate the explosion of corona patients, facilities in hospitals are equipped and people’s mobility is reduced. In addition, the Covid task force team is increasingly diligent in conducting raids. The public must comply with the 5M health protocol so as not to contract the corona virus.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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