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Vaccinations and Prokes Protect Citizens from Covid-19 Transmission


By: Mayra Hariesty )*

Vaccines and Prokes are still the main protectors of citizens from Covid-19 transmission . By adhering to these preventive measures, it is hoped that the explosion of new cases of the Corona virus can be avoided.

The soaring number of corona patients in Indonesia is a very sad thing. According to data from the COVID-19 task force, as of June 16, 2021, the number of COVID-19 patients has increased to more than 12,000 people per day. This is very surprising because only a few days ago there were only 8,000 patients, but the number has increased again in large numbers.

The increase in the number of corona patients is also caused by viral mutations and currently there are several new variants such as type B 117 and corona india. Multiple mutations certainly attack 2 times and cause transmission to take place more quickly. So that many areas changed their status from the orange zone to the red zone, even black.

This surge in patients had actually been predicted by epidemiologists, when they reminded the public not to go home and not to go to public places carelessly. But because they are still stubborn, they feel the consequences, and finally fall down because of the corona. It’s sad because this disease can actually be prevented.

Doctor Wiki Adisasmito, a spokesman for the COVID-19 task force, stated that the best way to avoid transmission of the corona virus was through disciplined health protocols and vaccinations. Because the perfect Covid-19 virus treatment is still in the process of being developed. In a sense, prevention is certainly better than cure.

Vaccination is very important because after 2 injections, we will get stronger immunity. So that it is not easy to contract the Covid-19 virus from droplets that spread from OTG, and currently anyone can be suspected of being OTG. Therefore, vaccines are obligatory and if violated, they are threatened with a fine of millions of rupiah.

To keep all Indonesian citizens vaccinated, the government will set up a vaccination center in Jakarta and other areas will follow suit. So that the registration and injection process will be carried out there. The Center also records population data that has been vaccinated and can be accessed online so that it is transparent and prevents chaos when someone has not received the vaccine.

In addition, we still have to maintain the 5M health protocol. Coordinator of the PMO Public Communications of the Covid-19 Handling Committee, Arya Sinulingga, stated that complying with the health protocol is a form of protecting ourselves and those around us. The goal is to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Arya added that violators of the health protocol should be given stricter sanctions. In the sense that there must be sanctions and fines so that there is a deterrent effect for people who neglect not to wear masks or create crowds on purpose. Because if they are not punished, more new corona clusters will be formed.

Instead of creating a new cluster and making a lot of people sick, it is better to take action against suspects who violate health protocols. He can protest but must be reminded that this is a pandemic period. The protocol must be carried out with discipline, in order to reduce the number of corona patients.

We can reflect from the increase in the number of corona patients and result in 84% more beds in hospitals having to be prepared to accommodate them. Do not become the next patient just because you are lazy to wear a mask or deliberately approach the crowd. Because the worst effect of corona is death.

Never get tired of maintaining health protocols and increasing immunity and body hygiene. Also accompanied by a covid vaccination, so that the body gets a stronger immunity. This is all an effort so that we are free of corona and end the pandemic status as soon as possible.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusantara Reading Room

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