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Optimal Government Implement Vaccination


By: Zakaria )*

The government will accelerate the national vaccination program. The reason is because Corona cases are increasing in some areas, so it is worrying. If more Indonesians are vaccinated, it will reduce the potential for Corona transmission . We will be free from the pandemic period as soon as possible.

The pandemic that has been going on for a year has made us almost crazy because life seems to be turned upside down. The economy is decreasing while the number of patients Corona na ik. To prevent others from getting Corona , the government always socializes health protocols and the obligation to inject vaccines.

The national vaccination program has started since early 2021. People are still queuing to get vaccine injections, by filling out forms and coming to Puskesmas or private hospitals appointed by the government. They are willing to be injected because they want to be free from the threat of Corona .

The national vaccination program is targeted to be completed in 12-18 months, because Indonesia’s population reaches more than 220 million people. However, the government wants the vaccination to be completed as soon as possible, in order to be free from the grip of the pandemic. Vaccination is one of the efforts so that all Indonesian citizens are free from Corona and return to their activities as usual.

In addition, the increasing number of Corona cases in several areas such as in Madura, Kudus, and Garut, is a reason to boost the national vaccination program. To speed up vaccination, the strategies are: first, by increasing vaccination locations. In the past, it was only possible at the Puskesmas, but now it can be done in other places such as private hospitals.

The general public can register for vaccinations at private hospitals via telephone or Google form then register and get a queue number. This method is considered effective because it can prevent crowds and health workers can prepare a sufficient number of vaccines. There have been many online posters scattered on social media or WA groups and the public can register with one of the numbers.

The second strategy is to build a Covid Vaccination Center. The center, which is a collaboration between the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of SOEs, the Covid-19 Task Force, and several other parties, is not just a place to get vaccine injections. However, this center is the center for recording how many people have been vaccinated.

The Vaccination Center also has data on how many people have registered to get vaccinated, and the data is in digital form. So that it can be seen what percentage of the population has received 2 vaccine injections and which ones are in the registration period, with just a few clicks. Digital data also minimizes procedural errors.

Meanwhile, the third strategy to boost vaccination is a self-vaccination program. The target is that 70% of Indonesia’s population will receive self-vaccination because most of them are employees. In self-vaccination, it’s still free like regular vaccinations because the company will pay for it.

The self-vaccination program remains safe because the control is still under the Ministry of Health. So that people will be relieved because they get a vaccine that is valid and has been tested by BPOM, and has halal status. This program is intended to shorten the vaccination queue period, so that the government’s target can be achieved more quickly.

Cells uruh government’s efforts to accelerate the completion of the national vaccination should we support, because as a good citizen of Men- support all government programs. If someone insists they don’t want to be vaccinated, just show them the consequences of being infected with Corona and tell them that they will be fined millions of rupiah. This is not a scare, but a psychological trick to get him vaccinated.

The government is boosting the national vaccination program so that it can be completed immediately, by establishing a covid-19 vaccination center, increasing vaccination sites , and self-vaccination. The community is asked to support it, so that the vaccination target is quickly completed. The goal is that everyone is vaccinated, healthy, and free from the threat of Corona .

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