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Papuan Netizen and Millennials Support Special Autonomy


By: Abner Wanggai) *

Citizens and millennials support the continuation of Otsus Papua. With the existence of Otsus, indigenous Papuans will become masters in their own country, but it should also be understood that when OAP has been given trust, they must see those who are qualified and able to carry out their duties.

Support from netizens also shows that Papua’s Otsus is a policy that will have a positive impact on Papua. One of the twitter accounts @MajuGerakan tweeted that Papuan children felt the changes and progress in education when the Otsus was established. The tweet of course narrates that Otsus advances Papua and that Otsus makes Papua prosperous.

Meanwhile, the @ reevina45 account tweeted that Papuans from various circles also firmly support the sustainability of Papua’s Special Autonomy because Otsus is an affirmative action program given to Papua and West Papua that can make the Papuan people rise. The expansion of Papua is good.

Previously, Yan Mandenas, a member of the DPR for the Election of Papua, said that the revision of special autonomy was expected to show more clarity in its implementation. So that not only the large funds disbursed by the government. But there is also assistance, so that later the Papuan people will know how to organize the budget. This of course will make Papua progress.

The government has also designed the Papua Special Autonomy to truly prosper the people of the Earth of Cenderawasih. The government is also happy to hear the aspirations of the Papuan people who will oversee the special autonomy so that it can be carried out well. So that not only provides an injection of funds, but also education and more attention.

Dominggus Mandacan as the Governor of West Papua stated that the special autonomy policy and program launched by the pusahiling government for the Land of Papua were considered quite successful.

He said there were quite a lot of Papuan children who went to school to go to higher education through special autonomy funds, both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, in the health sector, the special autonomy fund is beneficial for improving services both in cities and in remote and remote areas.

Also through the special autonomy fund, local governments can build infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and other facilities and infrastructure, including empowerment programs for indigenous Papuans. Nevertheless, according to the head of the Arfak Tribe, he said that there should be an evaluation so that the program and utilization of the special autonomy fund in this area can be more optimal.

Meanwhile, the religious leader Pdt Merry Lauren Wompere, admitted that Otsus Papua provided better development in Papua, when compared to before the special autonomy system. He himself represents the GKI congregation Solagratia Jaifuri sincerely hopes that the Papuan Otsus will continue for the sake of development and progress in Papua, those who reject the Papuan Otsus do not represent the conscience of the Papuan people at all, they are the enemies of the Papuan people.

The Papuan people themselves have been given the authority in the form of special autonomy which has been in effect since 2001. This is based on the fact that from 1999 to 2000, a large meeting was held and the Papuan Congress II which demanded that they determine their own destiny. At that time Megawati as the President of the Republic of Indonesia had signed Law No. 21 of 2001 on Papua’s special autonomy.

The specialty of special autonomy is that the government has the authority and is given a fund of 100 billion rupiah. This fund is managed by the local government for development in Papua. The injection of funds is aimed at eliminating disparities in the economic and social fields in the Papua region, and equitable development in all provinces in Indonesia.

Responding to the rejection of the revision of Special Autonomy, Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Parliament, Coordinator for Political and Security Affairs (Korpolkam) M. Azis Syamsuddin, emphasized that the DPR is open to the government wishing to revise law Number 21 of 2001 on Papua’s Special Autonomy.
Azis assessed that Otsus Papua has the aim of creating prosperity and equality for the people of Papua and Papua arat as a whole. He also added that all parties want Papua and West Papua to be more prosperous and that there will be no more differences in any aspect so that prosperity can be achieved.

The Papua Special Autonomy policy must continue, of course with various improvements so that the special autonomy funds can support the development of Papua and West Papua.

) * The author is a citizen living in Yogyakarta

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