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Community Organizations Prohibited From Being Involved in Terror Must Be Dealt With


By: Firza Ahmad) *

Terrorism is a crime that is hard to forgive because they repeatedly commit acts of violence, to the point of losing the lives of many people. Therefore, when there is a prohibited mass organization involved in terrorism, it must be investigated carefully. So that they do not blindly and continue acts of terror with the network they have.

FPI is declared a banned mass organization based on the SKB 6 Head of the Institution. The reason for the ban, among others, was that these mass organizations were deemed to endanger the state ideology by rejecting Pancasila. Moreover, since 2019 the FPI organizational license has not been extended by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, so it is automatically considered dissolved.

Apart from these reasons, the disbandment of FPI also occurred because this community organization had close ties with terrorist groups. Inspector General (ret) Benny Mamito stated that 37 FPI members were involved in terrorism. The Chief Executive of Kompolnas also shows evidence that they are indeed members of terrorists and can be seen by the public via the track record of court decisions.

Benny continued, the terrorists’ backgrounds and data were collected for analysis. This data is guaranteed valid, because it is taken from the track record of the decision making. So the National Police and Densus 88 were never careless in issuing statements, because there was already clear evidence and witnesses.

The statement made by Inspector General Benny (ret) certainly shocked the public because FPI was affiliated with terrorists. One of the FPI members is clearly a suspect in the Cirebon bombing in 2011. Apart from that, other members were involved in the bomb-making case, terrorism in Poso, and hiding terrorists. Why is hiding also punished? Because they just cover up evil.

Especially when there was a terrorist arrest in the Condet area, Jakarta, with the initials HH. He is suspected of being a bomb maker in acts of terrorism. The man has FPI attributes in the form of a shirt and a membership card. So that it is concluded that FPI members are involved in terrorism, no wonder this mass organization was dissolved by the government, because it endangers the community.

In fact, from the beginning, the community suspected that FPI was affiliated with terrorists. Because the actions of its members are like thugs and carry out terror, similar to acts of terrorism. Although they were not involved in the bombing, they actually terrorized the community. So that it destroys peace in Indonesia and disturbs many people.

The public will never forget how FPI always terrorizes during the month of Ramadan. Many FPI members have committed thuggery by destroying the merchandise of mothers in stalls. In fact, they sell food because the environment is not fasting (because their beliefs are different). It could be that the shop owner’s mother is not fasting because she also has different beliefs.

The FPI terror was also carried out, especially during the month of December. Somehow they hate all the red and green knick-knacks, force them to take off the red hats of the supermarket employees, and want to pry out the Santa Claus statues and decorative pine trees. They never understood that in Indonesia there are rights of people with other beliefs that must be respected.

If there is a lot of evidence like this, then the former FPI members will not do anything else. They cannot hang around with FPI attributes or create Neo FPI. All of its activities will be highlighted by the public and investigated by Densus 88. This is not a paranoid act, because it is better to prevent terrorism than to treat the wounds of the victims of bombings carried out by terrorist groups.

FPI is indicated to be affiliated with a terrorist group, because there is already a lot of evidence and witnesses. They also carry out acts of terror, similar to these extremist groups. The public is increasingly antipathy to FPI because they do not want to recognize the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, and are caught helping terrorists in their actions in Indonesia.

) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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