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People are Optimistic About PEN Policy


By: Aditya Akbar)*

Indonesia’s economy was concerned due to the pandemic Covid-19 , but we remain optimistic that this condition will end. The majority of people are optimistic about the National Economic Recovery (PEN) policy which is on the right track and is starting to show a positive trend.

In this year we have been smothered by the severity of the pandemic and it has had quite an impact on the economy, because people’s purchasing power has decreased. In addition, business people are also confused because the global market is also sluggish, so it is rather difficult to export their products, and there are some countries that are strict and do not want to accept any goods from other countries during the pandemic.

But we should not just give up because life must go on. This can be seen from the results of the latest survey, where 60.5% of the population is optimistic that our economy will improve again. In a sense, we will rise again despite the pandemic, because if we are diligent and work hard, the state’s finances will rise and will not fall into the abyss of recession.

We are obliged to feel optimistic because every storm must pass. The pandemic will definitely end and the economy can run fast, so that the country’s finances will return to health. If everyone doesn’t get corona, then they can work as hard as before and be enthusiastic to build the country.

Do not even grumble and be pessimistic because it will only make things difficult, as a result the government will be blamed. Even though the government has done everything possible to improve the condition of the Indonesian economy. So, as good citizens, we are obliged to comply with government programs, instead of making accusations.

Remember back in 1998 when Indonesia was hit by the monetary crisis and the situation was very bad, but the reality is that we can bounce back in just a few years. So that optimism must be carried out during the pandemic, because it is sure that the situation will improve in the next year. Don’t just give up.

Executive Director of Charta Politica Indonesia Yunarto Wijaya stated that high optimism is a homework for the government to see the expectations and realities of the year ahead. In a sense, optimism is necessary but there needs to be a strategy so that Indonesia’s economic situation improves. The reason is because if the reality is the same, even worse, it will have bad consequences in the future.

Therefore, the government is not only optimistic but also has a special strategy to improve the country’s financial condition. For example, by opening the doors of investment wide, so that foreign investors will happily enter Indonesia. They are very enthusiastic because the bureaucracy is simplified and licensing is not as difficult as in previous years.

If there are many investors then the projects will run smoothly, because they have funders. This cooperation project is mutually beneficial, so the community does not have to worry. In fact, the entry of foreign investors is a good thing, because we can make many projects without owing to the IMF or other countries.

In addition, optimism is also manifested by continuing to carry out projects during the pandemic, because employees in the essential sector are allowed to come to work. Big projects such as dam construction are still being carried out, because the results will benefit the people.

We must be optimistic during the pandemic because positive feelings will bring good results and the government is trying hard so that the Indonesian economy gets back up again. The trick is to continue the project development because it will be useful for the people. Part of the funding for this project came from foreign investors, and this is reasonable because many developed countries also apply the same thing.

Hopefully the pandemic will end soon and more importantly, the sense of optimism must be maintained. When the pandemic is not over, don’t just give up, but maintain a sense of optimism and confidence that the situation will improve. Indonesia’s finances will be good again and we will not go bankrupt.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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