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People must adhere to health protocols


By: Aditya Akbar) *

Since the beginning of 2021, a number of disasters ranging from floods to earthquakes have hit several regions in Indonesia. When there is a natural disaster, residents quickly evacuate to a safe place. In evacuation, it must be designed so that everyone remains disciplined in adhering to health protocols.

Indonesia was tested with floods in South Kalimantan, Demak, and Jakarta and its surroundings. Not to mention the floods in Borneo receded, there was an earthquake that hit Sulawesi. The beginning of 2021 has gripped the crying of refugees. They must save themselves from being hit by natural disasters.

Usually the evacuation is made in a large public facility, for example the Village Hall or a hall owned by the local government. Because the evacuation was made during the pandemic period, the committee had to work extra hard to arrange the place, facilities and infrastructure. So that the refugees still comply with health protocols.

Doctor Wiku Adisasmito, Spokesperson for the Covid Satga Team stated that this year’s natural disaster management must be carried out according to pandemic conditions. This means that every evacuation post must comply with health protocols. The goal is to minimize transmission and don’t let many people get infected with corona after they evacuate.

Doctor Wiku continued, at the refugee camp, masks and free hand sanitizers had to be distributed . In that sense, masks are very important to prevent transmission of corona through droplets , so they must be worn even in the evacuation room. If the number of hand sanitizers is insufficient, sufficient hand washing facilities must be provided for all refugees.

Why do you have to have your own cutlery? Cutlery should not be confused because it could be that an OTG person accidentally transmits the corona via a spoon that is shared. It would be even better if the plates and spoons were made of plastic, so they were immediately crushed and thrown away after use. If you have trouble getting it, it can be replaced with banana leaves.

In addition, people who are displaced must comply with physical distancing health protocols . Guarding distances must be carefully considered by officers in the evacuation, because usually many people sleep side by side. However, they have to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter, so they have to find additional places of refuge as a temporary place to stay.

Public kitchens are also important places in the refugee camps. So that the refugees still have stamina and do not contract the corona, the menu must be considered. They should not only be given rice and instant noodles, but try to have protein and vegetable side dishes. The menu doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you can, it’s 4 healthy 5 perfect.

Disaster management officers must also adhere to health protocols. When they went to collect the relief packages, they had to wear masks. Don’t even lower it to the chin. If necessary, wear a double mask, namely a medical mask on the inside and a cloth mask on the outside. So that air filtration will be maximized and keep away from corona transmission.

Maintaining protocols to officers at the disaster area is very important, because they do not let them become asymptomatic and pass it on to many refugees. Don’t arrive after the natural disaster is over, instead there will be another disaster, because there is a new corona cluster. Thus increasing the number of covid patients.

All of these efforts were made so that the refugee camps became areas that were safe from disasters and corona. Don’t be careless at all. Keep wearing a mask according to WHO standards, diligently wash your hands or wear a hand sanitzer , and keep your distance. Hopefully we all remain corona free even though we are in refugee camps.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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