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Religious Moderation Prevents Radicalism


Radicalism is still a serious threat to the existence of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, religious moderation is needed to prevent the spread of the anti-Pancasila ideology.

Religious moderation does need to be revived, the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) intends to oversee the government’s commitment to continue to revive religious moderation for the community, one of which is by reviving inter-religious tolerance.

Deputy V of KSP Jaleswari Pramodhawardani in his press release said that religious moderation, intolerance, diversity and respect for human rights are not only national priority programs, but also part of managing strategic issues that are the tasks of KSP.

Jaleswari admitted that it was not easy to implement the government’s commitment to creating religious moderation for the community. However, with the success of several local governments in suppressing conflicts between religious communities, it can be a reference for KSP to unravel the blockage of intolerance problems in the field.

He gave an example of resolving the dispute over the establishment of the Yasmin Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) in Bogor City for 15 years. In this case, KSP continues to provide assistance in resolving conflicts through a long mediation route. This can be replicated for solving the same case in other areas.

Meanwhile, according to Bima Arya as the Mayor of Bogor, he considered that so far the resolution of cases of religious intolerance in the regions was often only borne by the local government.

He emphasized that the central government also has a stake and must dare to take concrete policies to show its concern in efforts to resolve conflicts. Unfortunately, the government’s approach to solving problems so far seems too bureaucratic and formal.

Bima Arya also said that the resolution of human rights issues related to intolerance and discrimination against minority communities also requires a firm and comprehensive policy, from upstream to downstream. For example in the settlement of GKI Yasmin, where people will know that alignment is not only rhetoric and ceremonies, but also policies that are implemented concretely.

The strengthening of dialogue forums among religious believers is also considered to be a powerful way to revive religious moderation for the community. As has been done by the City Government of Kediri by collaborating with communities and associations of inter-religious people.

Mayor of Kediri Abdullah Abu Bakar admitted that his party cooperated with interfaith communities and associations to take policies according to regulations, including the construction of churches, temples and others.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Makassar, Moh. Ramdhan Pomanto said that the problem of intolerance and discrimination is the same as that of active radio, which is that it quickly spreads to all spaces. Therefore, resilience from below is needed to eliminate racism.

Moh. Ramdhan said that his party involved devices at the lower layers, starting from RT, RW, Lurah and Camat to become influencers in building communication to different groups. His party mentions it by the term Makassar Merata or Pasi Barania. We also cannot close our eyes that the problem of intolerance that occurs in Indonesia is still a serious problem.

The potential for clashes, conflicts and violence with the nuances of primordial differences is still quite high, both offline and online. Entering 2022, it is time for this nation to end conflicts between ethnic groups, any different religions wrapped in intolerance. Thus, all levels of the nation must realize how important religious moderation as a bridge of tolerance and inter-religious harmony is.

Moreover, intolerance can actually damage the nature of human dignity and noble human values, because they are unable to control themselves not to interfere or interfere with other people’s beliefs or views. Thus, it is necessary for the public to be reminded to return to the noble covenant of the nation.

In this issue, of course, the government has a vital role in religious moderation to the community, one of which is by opening the widest possible door for diversity dialogue between ethnic and religious leaders, regarding the vital role of leaders as the spearhead of religious moderation.

In addition, the community must also participate in religious moderation. One of them is to be smart in behavior by not mixing aqidah and worship with their respective beliefs or with the worship of other religions. Because as a believer, of course it is very obligatory to maintain and maintain unity.

Religious moderation is expected to realize the cohesiveness of the Indonesian people in maintaining the integrity of the nation and the solidity of the nation and the country.

Arif Kurniawan, Author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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