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Stopping the Political Agenda of KPK Employees Not Passing TWK is the right decision


By: Ade Kurniawan)*

KPK employees who do not pass the national insight test and fail to get a second chance are alleged to have a political agenda. So it is considered dangerous for the internal health of the KPK. It is very natural that they were asked to resign, because in reality they did not pass the TWK. While the requirements to become an ASN must pass TWK.

As many as 51 KPK employees failed to be appointed as ASN because they did not pass the national insight test. In addition, they can no longer be fostered because their report cards are red, and have a certain political agenda. So that if he is appointed as a civil servant, he will be able to weaken the KPK from within.

The fate of the 51 KPK employees is different from the other 24 people. Even though both of them did not pass the national insight test, the 24 people could still be fostered and their nationalism level raised. So they still have high hopes to be appointed as ASN and continue to work at the KPK as usual.

Inside the KPK, there are certain groups, although there are official trade unions. Among these groups there is the so-called Taliban group, because they are suspected of being sympathizers of terrorist and radical groups. So they are the ones who voluntarily have to resign, even though you may finish your work until October 2021.

The Taliban group is clearly prohibited from being a civil servant, because it is affiliated with a banned organization. Don’t let them be taken advantage of by former high-ranking officials of the organization, who, even though they have disbanded, still want to carry out a lot of terror in Indonesia. Because the KPK employee has a position and rank, so that it can be misused for personal interests, unfortunately in a negative context.

Especially when the Taliban group asked for sympathy from religious leaders in Indonesia. It’s really a wrong address, because in this case what is being questioned is their integrity and love for the country, not their religion and beliefs. Don’t let this problem get mixed up, because the authorities are the Trade Unions and the Manpower Service. The reason is because the KPK officials will consider suggestions from the Manpower Office.

If they are looking for sympathy then obviously playing victim, to prove to the public that they are innocent. Here you can see their quality, even though they are old, they act like children who like to complain to their parents. If they are caught, should they be told to resign from their positions and jobs?

In addition, if 51 KPK employees were forced to be appointed as ASN, it would be very against the regulations. First, they did not pass the national insight test. This test is not only for the KPK but for all CPNS, so the assessment is very objective. Moreover, the TWK for the KPK was made by another state institution, so KPK officials could not participate in setting scores to overthrow certain employees.

Second, all state civil servants must prove themselves that they obey Pancasila to their heart, and have a great sense of nationalism. In addition, he must also obey the 1945 Constitution. If he does not pass the national insight test, then he is proven to lack a sense of nationalism, even though this is very crucial.

In the national insight test, several questions about diversity and pluralism in Indonesia were also asked. If 51 KPK employees do not pass the national insight test, it means they have a low sense of tolerance, even though a good Indonesian citizen and ASN must be able to understand many people from different backgrounds. So if he fails, it is natural that he is not appointed as an ASN.

The polemic about the appointment of KPK employees to become ASNs should not be extended to volumes, because those who pass the national insight test will be appointed ASN on June 1, 2021. Those who do not pass the TWK are caught having a political agenda. So it is natural if you fail to become a civil servant.

)* The author is a citizen contributor living in Pekanbaru

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