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Support Handling Covid-19 With Prokes Discipline


By: Dodik Prasetyo )*

When the pandemic is still not over, people can help the government with more discipline. Both in complying with health protocols, maintaining immunity, and adhering to procedures before traveling by public transportation. If everyone is disciplined, then the patient will decrease and the corona will disappear immediately.

30 September 2020 there is a positive record printed in history. Across Indonesia, as many as 4,510 covid-19 patients recover in a day. Thus increasing the number of cures to 214,947 people. The death rate was only 3%, while the cure rate reached 74.89 percent.

The increase in the number of recovered patients certainly brings a breath of fresh air because we are optimistic that the Covid-19 pandemic will end quickly. It has been a critical period for months, and now is the time to rise again. All Indonesian citizens are expected to help the government to participate in the success of the program to overcome the corona effects made by the government.

One of the keys to success in dealing with Covid patients is discipline. Someone who is indicated to have contracted the corona from the rapid test results will face it calmly and want to be taken for a swab test, because the results are more accurate. If the result is positive, he will be admitted to the hospital. Even if the doctor decides to isolate independently, he is disciplined in taking medication and resting.

In addition to being disciplined in obeying doctor’s recommendations, a patient who was originally an OTG then contacted the covid task force team to do tracing. Because he could be in contact with many people, they have ODP status. They must be tested on a rapid or swab to make sure they are infected or not. So corona transmission can be resolved quickly thanks to the cooperation of many people when tracing.

Discipline also needs to be done to prevent corona. Because we certainly know that prevention is better than cure. Health protocols are not just jargon, they must be implemented. So, everyone always remember to wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer. Also wear a cloth mask, keep your distance, and maintain body immunity and home hygiene.

The problem of masks is sometimes annoying because when someone wears them, they laugh at them. This decrease in discipline is dangerous because it can cause a new corona cluster. If the social sanctions during the mask raid are ineffective, then there could be a threat of more nominal fines. People will think again when they are lazy to wear masks.

We recommend that the local government return to distribute free masks to the community. Of course, by obeying the protocol, so you don’t get crowded. But the officers gave it to their respective homes. People will realize that masks are very important. According to Doctor Reisa, the effectiveness of wearing new masks occurs when at least 70% of people wear them.

Likewise with the physical distancing rules. Discipline in maintaining distance is needed, because according to Doctor Wiku (a spokesman for the Covid-19 task force), physical distancing can reduce the risk of contracting the corona by up to 78%. Events such as weddings are permitted, as long as they invite a maximum of 30 people. Worship may be done as long as you keep your distance.

If there is no discipline, after a while there can be wassalam, aka the more deaths due to corona. People who lack discipline should not only be scolded and fined, but they can have their hearts knocked out by showing videos of corona patients in pain. That way, they will give up and return to the discipline of wearing masks and obeying health protocols

Let’s help the government so that the Covid-19 pandemic ends quickly. By maintaining discipline in healthy living, hygiene, and always obeying health protocols. Hold back and don’t leave if there’s an invitation that could create a crowd. If there is an event that attracts the masses, then contact the task force team so they will reprimand it.

Being disciplined is not tiring, if we are diligent in living it. Never tire of reminding others to wear masks. May we all be well after the discipline of maintaining immunity and adhering to health protocols.

)* The author is active in the Indonesian Strategic Information Study Institute

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