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Supporters of Rizieq Shihab Are Involved in Terrorism


By: Zakaria) *
Supporters of Rizieq Shihab are increasingly being avoided by society because the majority of them are involved in terrorism. The violence and ridicule they committed made society even more antipathic. They don’t want to be invited to join Neo FPI, because they are aware that this is just another name for a banned mass organization.
It was as if Rizieq Shihab had fallen on a ladder. He had to be jailed for violating several articles, after making a crowd and causing many people to be infected with the corona. Apart from that, his supporters are also shunned by the public, because they have been proven to be involved in terrorism and have committed radical acts.
Densus 88 has arrested at least 19 suspected terrorists who are active members of the FPI. However, neither Rizieq nor Munarman claimed to know them. The head of the Task Team for the Advocate Guard Forum for Pancasila, Petrus Selestinus, stated that the public hopes that Densus 88 and Bareskrim will further study the confessions of these suspected terrorists.
Petrus continued, there needs to be a thorough and comprehensive investigation and investigation of all FPI activities in the past. Because since there was Law Number 17 of 2013 concerning mass organizations, the activities of intolerant and radical mass organizations gained power. So that it threatens the existence of Pancasila, NKRI, UUD 1945, and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.
This investigation is necessary because for the past 10 years, Rizieq Shihab’s lectures contain hate speech and threats of violence. So that it can be categorized as terror. Meanwhile, Densus 88 arrested members of the FPI who were terrorists and it turned out that they were betrayed by ISIS.
This finding further shows the fact that FPI is a radical and terrorist mass organization. Some time ago, a video clip of Rizieq Shihab’s lecture went viral saying that he was pro ISIS. So if the government declared FPI to be prohibited, it would be natural, because they were proven to be mass organizations that carried out acts of terror and radicals.
FPI was declared prohibited because they insisted on changing the foundation of the state into a caliphate. Even though it is clear that Indonesia is a Pancasila country, and cannot be contested. In a pluralist country like the Homeland, a caliphate system cannot be established, because it is not compatible with the culture and society.
Imagine if FPI was not prohibited. They will continue to undermine peace in Indonesia and enforce their will. When the holiday approaches, people will be anxious for fear of being swept away, both near places of worship and in shopping centers. Because they are very allergic to western-style accessories and decorations.
If the FPI was just disbanded, the food traders would be worried, because they could be raided during the fasting month. In fact, they can sell because consumers are not fasting, so they can eat lunch. The members of this mass organization act like thugs and make the community anxious.
When there is a finding that FPI is affiliated with a terrorist organization and many of its members are involved with the ISIS network, the public will become even more antipathic. Because one day they might plan a coup with violence and fool the public under the pretext of wanting to save Indonesia. In fact, what is being done is an act of political mode.
Radical terrorist members may be determined to carry out bombings and throw Molotovs, and attack the security forces. Therefore, the dissolution of FPI is very appropriate. When its members form neo FPI, it will never get an organizational permit from the government. Because they always act brutally and make hate speeches.
Radicalism and terrorism are big problems that grip democracy in Indonesia. Terrorism must be eradicated from its roots, because they have the heart to bomb and commit other heinous acts. When FPI members were proven to have committed terrorism, they were immediately dealt with by Densus 88. The community became increasingly antipathic because these mass organizations lied and had political motives.
) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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