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Supporting Disclosure of Prohibited Organizations Involved in Terror Networks


Terrorists are increasingly unsettling society by creating nasty surprises in the form of bombings and shootings. Densus 88 tries hard to investigate terrorist networks, so that peace in Indonesia will not be disturbed anymore. One of those suspected of being involved in terrorism is a banned mass organization that was just disbanded by the government, because they have similar goals that are detrimental to the government.

The terrorism network tried hard to be exposed by Densus 88 and BNPT. They operate clandestinely and work by surprise. Suddenly there was a bombing in Makassar and it was followed by a shooting at the Police Headquarters. Everything made the authorities dizzy because they were carrying out terror in secret and disturbing the public.

To investigate who is a member of a terror network, special efforts are needed. The reason is, they are working in a guerrilla manner and it has not been revealed who the real terrorist leader is. When a terrorist is caught, his men will appear, and this is very confusing. Because it turns out that their number exceeds the estimate.

FPI is strongly suspected of being a member of a terrorist network. This is not slander, because there is some accompanying evidence. First, when a terrorist was arrested in the Condet area, Jakarta, his FPI membership card and attributes were found. They also claim to be FPI members, so the cards are not fake.

Second, there is evidence in the form of a short video showing that Rizieq Shihab, who was then the leader of the FPI, supported ISIS. Even though we know for ourselves that ISIS is a terrorist organization and has an international network. When Rizies himself admitted to being an ISIS sympathizer, he revealed the fact that this banned mass organization was part of a terrorist network.

Meanwhile, the third, FPI has always tried to change Indonesia’s ideology and make a khilafiyah state. Even though we are a democratic country and have Pancasila as the basis of the country. The Khilafiyah contradicts Indonesian principles and is incompatible with a country that is pluralist and has a spirit of diversity. Because they reject diversity.

Finally, when there was the arrest of a suspected terrorist and FPI member in Makassar named Ahmad Aulia, he admitted to seeing Munarman’s figure at the initiation. The event is under the ISIS network, so we can conclude that FPI is ISIS sympathizer. Why did Munarman come if he was not invited as the guest of honor?

From this we can conclude that FPI is involved in a terrorist network. In order to gain influence in Indonesia, ISIS sent FPI members to work in the field. They are the ones who end up making propaganda and narratives that the government is toghut, a khilafiyah country is perfect, etc. Even though it was all a dream in broad daylight.

Although Munarman and former FPI officials denied that they were involved in a terrorist network, lots of evidence has been presented. Especially when the FPI account was frozen by the government. It was revealed that there were transfers from foreign accounts, and when traced, the senders were donors from various terrorist groups.

Densus 88 anti-terror and BNPT are still trying to expose all members of terrorists in Indonesia and whether FPI officials and members are part of their network. Evidence and witnesses were provided, so that they would confess and finally repent, and confess their actions because they were desperate to join a terrorist network.

The disclosure of the relationship between the FPI as a banned mass organization and a terrorist organization such as ISIS is still ongoing. The community fully supports the performance of Densus 88, so that they work harder to catch terrorist members. The goal is that people can live in peace, without fear of bomb terror or other terrorist attacks.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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