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The Development of the State Capital (IKN) Still Pays Attention to the Environment


Jakarta – IKN Nusantara is in a period of massive development and government buildings and other facilities will be erected. However, the people need not fear the preservation of Kalimantan’s nature, because the development of the capital city still pays attention to the environment. The government emphasized that IKN is a green city that is green and will not interfere with its status as one of the lungs of the world.

The national capital will be moved from the previous one on Java Island to Kalimantan Island. This transfer is of course complemented by infrastructure development in the form of the Presidential Palace building, ministerial housing, ASN, and other buildings. All were established because IKN is a capital city that is complete in terms of buildings and facilities, and will be even better than DKI Jakarta.

However, some people were concerned about the construction of buildings in the IKN. They are afraid that the massive IKN development will lead to mass logging and damage to nature in Kalimantan, especially around North Penajam Paser (which is the location of Nusantara IKN).

However, this concern should not be continued. President Jokjo Widodo (Jokowi) stated that all parties must always pay attention to the environment when carrying out development at this IKN. The most important thing, stressed President Jokowi, for those in the field, which is related to the environment, because the city concept that the government wants to present in the Capital City of the Archipelago is an environmental concept, so that even the slightest thing related to the environment must be considered.

President Jokowi also does not hesitate to give warnings if there are parties who do not pay attention to environmental aspects when building IKNs. In a sense, if the president and ministers comply with the rules but there are unscrupulous workers who violate them, they can be reported by the public. The person will receive a warning not to make any more mistakes or damage the environment in East Kalimantan.

At the end of last February President Joko Widodo flew to Kalimantan to see the construction of the IKN and inspect the Nusantara Capital Toll Road (IKN) project, Segment 3B, KKT Kariangau – Sp. Tempadung, Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan Province,
President Jokowi added, he had conveyed to the Head of the IKN Authority (Bambang Soesantono) not to let any community be harmed by the development of the Archipelago Capital City.

The President also inspected the housing of ministers, ASN, and members of the TNI and Polri. He saw firsthand how the progress of the IKN development was and ensured that everything went smoothly and did not damage nature.

Meanwhile, Prahesti Pandanwangi, Director of the State Apparatus of the Ministry of National Development Planning, stated that IKN Nusantara is a green city as well as a sponge city. Where its function is to collect rainwater and use it as a water resource. This city can keep rainwater from going straight into the drainage canal, and can increase infiltration into the ground.

In a sense, IKN will become a sponge city because of the presence of trees in it. Apart from being a filter for the air and the lungs of the world, trees in the forest also function to absorb rainwater like a sponge. So that during the rainy season it will be safe and not flooded, because the water is well absorbed by tree roots.

Don’t imagine that moving the capital city to Kalimantan will make it look like DKI Jakarta. In Batavia, since the colonial period, there have been frequent floods because there was no absorption of water, and trees were cut down to make way for residents’ housing. However, in Kalimantan the trees are not cut down for the sake of development, instead they are maintained so they can absorb water and be flood free.

When the tree has absorbed water, it will be regulated so that the water absorbed becomes a new spring. IKN residents will not be afraid of drought during the dry season. Also not afraid of flooding during the rainy season.

The definition of a forest city is a city that is in a forest. IKN Nusantara is very interesting because of its position in the middle of a beautiful forest. So, there will be no cutting of trees in North Penajam Paser, for the sake of building a government building. Precisely the building is ‘inserted’ in the middle of a forest and arranged so that no trees are cut down arbitrarily.

The public need not worry because the government will continue to maintain Kalimantan’s status as one of the lungs of the world. To overcome global warming , deforestation is strictly prohibited, for any reason, including the construction of a capital city. Maintaining environmental balance was one of President Jokowi’s promises in the 2019 election, and will continue to be fulfilled when he becomes head of state.

With the forest city concept , government buildings will be surrounded by trees, so ASNs can work optimally, because they feel at home in a cool office even without air conditioning. Moving the capital city will not force North Penajam Paser to be like DKI Jakarta, which is a megapolitan city, hot and full of tall buildings. Precisely moving will change the concept of the capital to be greener. The development of the Nusantara National Science Institute will pay attention to the environment and maintain Kalimantan’s status as one of the world’s lungs. President Jokowi guarantees that IKN will not displace forests or destroy nature. All because the concept of IKN Nusantara is a green city that is in harmony with nature, and a sponge citywhich can absorb excess water so that the city is flood free.

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