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KST Papua Injures Civilians Must Be Properly Proposed


Papua – Again KST (a separatist and terrorist group) attacks civilians in Papua. Their spontaneous recklessness received criticism from the public, because this was not the first time it had been carried out. KST must be strictly enforced so as not to hurt the people of Cendrawasih.

Peace in Papua can be damaged because of KST because they too often create chaos and endanger the community. Even though those who were attacked were native Papuans (OAP), KST was determined to attack them without humanity. Therefore on Earth of Cendrawasih there is the Carstensz Peace Task Force assigned to hunt down KST troops.

KST acted again by attacking civilians on March 3, 2023. Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih Colonel Kav Herman Taryaman stated that the KST group shot a woman (a civilian) and members of the Yonif Raider 303 / SSM Task Force. The incident occurred in the Pamebut Village area, Yugumuak District, Puncak Regency.

Colonel Kav Herman Taryaman continued, initially KST shot a civilian with the initials TM. TNI troops then attempted to evacuate the victim to the Sinak Health Center. However, during the evacuation to the Puskesmas, the members were intercepted and fired upon by KST resulting in a TNI soldier, Praka JM, being shot. When he was evacuated his life could not be saved.

The community was furious at KST’s behavior of shooting indiscriminately. Moreover, the victims are civilians who are also native Papuans. KST wants to ask for Papuan independence but hurts local residents in Bumi Cendrawasih. How could KST kill fellow Papuans who incidentally are their own tribesmen.

Then, the public also didn’t like it when KST shot TNI troops because they were seen as enemies. Even though TNI soldiers evacuated the victims, they were shot. The apparatus are friends of the people but they are enemies because they are considered representatives of the Indonesian government.

Therefore, the community agrees that there will be firm action against KST. They have hurt people too often to take their lives. Don’t let there be the next victim because of KST’s actions. The separatist group acted cunningly by carrying out additional attacks resulting in the casualties of TNI soldiers.

The community criticized the KST attack because they were so determined to shoot at the TNI troops. Even though of course the security forces had more complete weapons, but instead they attacked. The security forces were often attacked first and the KST behaved arrogantly, to the point where they thought they could exceed the strength of the TNI.

Civilians also wondered why KST hated them so much that they attacked the security forces first. Even if there was a one on one shoot, they would lose, due to lack of experience and weapons. But instead shot brutally.

The indigenous people of Bumi Cendrawasih support KST’s arrest because they are tired of the various terrors perpetrated by the separatist group. Apart from physical terror (which makes you afraid of getting hit by stray bullets) there is also mental terror, both in the real world and in cyberspace.

Meanwhile, Deputy President KH Ma’ruf Amin stated that the apparatus (TNI and Polri) were taking firm action against KST who had made trouble in Papua. Firm steps were taken as a legal action, as proof that the state was there (Papua). There should not be any rioting and separatist actions that could endanger the country and especially the people of Cendrawasih.

Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin continued, there was a group (KST) that deliberately caused trouble so that the Papuan people would feel uneasy. The state must be present and maintain the security of citizens, so they can earn a living and carry out their activities in peace (without fear of being shot by KST). A territorial approach to KST needs to be carried out, both by the local government, TNI and Polri.

In a sense, the order to act strictly on KST came directly from the vice president. He was furious because KST had repeatedly carried out attacks in Papua. Even last December 2022, there were many fatalities from this attack. KST has violated the boundaries of humanity by killing other people’s lives ruthlessly.

When there is an operation to arrest KST members, the community supports 100%. They don’t mind it, because even though KST is both Papuan, his behavior has harmed civilians in Papua. KST is a group of people who act brutally and often commit murders, therefore they must be caught quickly.

So far, KST has also damaged public facilities such as schools, and made people afraid and felt uncomfortable when doing activities outside the home. The reason is because residents are afraid of getting shot or stray bullets. Don’t let the Papuan people’s economy stop because of KST.

KST needs to be given decisive, measurable action so that no more casualties, both from civilians and security forces. Don’t let there be further victims and the authorities are trying hard to minimize the KST terror. This separatist group needs to be dealt with firmly so that the people of Papua remain safe in their activities, and are not overshadowed by KST terror.

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