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The Government Improves Health Management in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era


By: Dian Ahadi) *

The adaptation phase to our normal life has only been gone for a few weeks. But the government never planned to relax health care to deal with the Covid-19 virus. It is precisely the health of all the people of Indonesia is a top priority. Because they want this country to be free of Corona immediately.

President Moeldoko’s chief of staff said there was no relaxation in the handling of public health in the co-19 pandemic. He dismissed the issue that the government just let its people die. These rumors arose because in the new normal era, the economic sector, tourism, and others were reopened. So afraid there is a new Corona cluster.

Moeldoko also stressed that the government gave priority to dealing with Corona to the health sector, but also concern to other sectors such as the economy. Because both must be lived in tandem. When people are sick, the economic wheels cannot run. Conversely, when the economy is weak, people can get sick quickly due to malnutrition.

Minister of State Secretary Pratikno explained that precisely at this time the government was trying hard to find an anti Corona vaccine formula and its distribution later. So the accusation that the government does not focus on people’s health and only think of money is a big mistake. Because the government also paid all co-19 patient fees distributed via BPJS.

Pratikno also stressed that the reopening of the economic sector was precisely because the government was responsible for state finances. All problems arising from the co-19 pandemic, such as a lot of new unemployment and the loneliness of the MSME business, are overcome by the recovery of the national economy. So it is not only the health sector that is concerned.

In addition to researching vaccine formulas, the government also does various things so that people can immediately be free from Corona. For example, by distributing ventilators to many hospitals, giving free PPE to health workers, and giving them intensive money. Also supports research into new Corona drug combinations.

This proves that the government is very concerned about the health sector and not only thinking about the benefits of the economic and tourism sectors. Because if Indonesia is locked down totally, it will have an effect on the country’s economy. Can be fatal and cause financial crisis. So life must go on and the sector is reopened, without ignoring health protocols.

When the tourism sector is opened, it will have no effect on public health. Because tourist areas that are allowed to open must meet a lot of requirements. Among other things, visitors and officers must wear masks, use digital money payments, and before entering the area, they must wash their hands. So all confirmed safe from Corona.

The economic sector which is reactivated by opening markets also aims to improve our financial situation. Because if the market is closed for too long, pity the traders, also the buyers. If the market opens, the wheels of the economy run again, and Indonesia can survive the threat of recession. Because in the first quarter of 2020, economic growth was only 3%.

The reopening of markets and shopping centers is also in accordance with the health protocol. Traders and visitors must wear masks. There must be physical distancing and diligent hand washing in the space provided. There are also rapid tests conducted regularly, to find out if there are traders infected with the covid-19 virus.

This proves that the health and economic sectors can go hand in hand. So when the tourism and economic sectors are opened, the health sector is never sacrificed just for the sake of money. Precisely when our financial condition is healthy, we can freely deal with Corona patients. Because there are fresh funds from the state budget.

The government has never relaxed its handling in the health sector, because the Covid-19 pandemic is not over. When the economic sector is opened, it does not mean that attention to the health sector will end. It is precisely the economy that is activated again, so that the process of handling health can run smoothly.

) * Active writer in the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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