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The Importance of Vaccination for Indonesia to Recover


dr. Efriadi Ismail, Head of the Wisma Atlet RSDC Team of Doctors, invited the public to support the COVID-19 vaccination program to prevent the emergence of new clusters in the community. The reason is based on data at RSDC Wisma Atlet until Monday (24/5/2021) as many as more than a thousand patients undergoing strict treatment and isolation.
“As of today, more than a thousand last week around 900 people. Even before Eid, patients at Wisma Atlet reached more than five thousand, “said Dr. Efriadi in a live talkshow initiated by ICF with the theme” Support Vaccination for Recovering Indonesia “on Radio Muara, Duren Sawit Area, East Jakarta, Monday (24/5 / 2021).
According to Efriadi, since the COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Indonesia, not a few people have not agreed to the government’s recommendation to undergo the COVID-19 vaccination. In fact, giving this vaccine is very important, not only to protect people from COVID-19, but also to restore the social and economic conditions of countries affected by the pandemic.
“Vaccination or immunization aims to make a person’s immune system able to recognize and quickly fight the bacteria or viruses that cause infection. “The goal to be achieved by administering the COVID-19 vaccine is to reduce the morbidity and mortality rates due to this virus,” he explained.
He continued, although it is not 100% able to protect someone from Corona virus infection, this vaccine can reduce the possibility of severe symptoms and complications due to COVID-19.
In addition, COVID-19 vaccination aims to encourage the formation of group immunity. This is important because there are some people who cannot be vaccinated for some reason.
“The COVID-19 vaccine can indeed bring many benefits by protecting us from Corona virus infection. However, please note that this vaccine is not given to people who are seriously ill or have been infected with the Corona virus. Pregnant women and also under the age of 30 years, “he said.
At the same place, a public policy observer, Saiful alias Bedjo, stated that the vaccination program deserves the support of all parties in the hope that vaccination can provide immunity. At least able to protect themselves and not pass it on to others.

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