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Message from the Team of Doctors RSDC Wisma Atlet For Those Who Are Ignorant of Prokes


JAKARTA – The team of doctors at the Darura Corona Hospital (RSDC) Wisma Atlet, dr. Efriadi Ismail, urged the public to continue to strictly implement health protocols (prokes) wherever they are. Even though the COVID-19 vaccination has been carried out, the reason is that the current public awareness of implementing health programs has begun to fade and even tends to be ignored.

“For those who feel fine and even ignoring health protocols, it does not rule out the possibility of being exposed to COVID-19. We may feel fine and even ignore health protocols but if later exposed to COVID-19 it will actually feel the impact,” explained dr. Efriadi in the ICFTV Chanel Podcast taping in East Jakarta, Tuesday (25/5/2021).

According to Bang Ucok, Dr. Efriadi’s greeting added, his party who wrestled every day with COVID-19 patients suggested that until 2022, strict health protocols should be carried out even adding from 3 M to 5 M.

“The 5M means wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, moving away from crowds, and reducing mobility. This is very necessary in reducing new clusters,” he said.

Still according to Bang Ucok, as of this week, more than a thousand patients are undergoing treatment. Even reached the number two thousand. Therefore the medical team advised the Government to postpone the plan to reopen face-to-face meetings in the world of education.

“We, the medical team, do not recommend that campuses, schools and education be opened first. Maybe later. How to encourage public awareness to be more stringent in implementing prokes, so as not to add new clusters, “he said.

Jakarta academic, Inggar Saputra, admits that the current condition of society tends to be tired by implementing strict health protocols. Therefore, said Inggar, he agreed that the Government should postpone the plan to open face-to-face meetings at schools or campuses.

“Bang Ucok said earlier that he did not suggest opening schools and campuses, which we feared adding new clusters, agreed. Indeed we are tired but what can we do. When this COVID-19 ends, we don’t know. What should be encouraged is let’s take care of ourselves together, our families are not lax in implementing the prokes, “said Inggar. []

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