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The Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia Invites the Public to See the Job Creation Law clearly from the Benefit Side


Jakarta, Cidiss.co – All components of society and millennials are expected to be able to see clearly the Omnibus Law which has just been passed by the Indonesian Parliament. The invitation was conveyed in a video conference event by presenting several speakers including R. Soes Hindharno, SH, M.H (Head of Public Relations of the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower), Dias Rukmana Praja (Secretary of the Golkar Faction at the Purwakarta DPRD) and Ahmad Ahyar (Head of Media Akuratnews.com).

In his presentation, R. Soes Hindharno, SH, M.H, Head of Public Relations of the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, revealed that the presence of the work copyright law (Ciptaker Law) is expected to answer the biggest challenges in maintaining and providing as many jobs as possible.

“Every year there are around 2.9 million new working age population who enter the work market. So, the need for new jobs is very urgent and needed,” said Soes Hindharno in a written statement received by TIMES Indonesia in Jakarta, Thursday (22/10 / 2020).

“We have to maintain and provide as many jobs as possible. Especially in the midst of a pandemic like now. There are 6.9 or nearly 7 million unemployed and 3 million affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, “he added.

Soes said that the Job Creation Law was a major effort by the government to encourage national economic recovery and to create a prosperous, prosperous and just Indonesia.

“This law aims to strengthen the protection of workers and laborers and improve welfare,” he said.

With various policy relaxation provided and a more conducive investment climate, he hopes that investor confidence will increase and carry out economic activities in Indonesia to help economic growth and help expand employment opportunities for workers in this country.

“Through this Job Creation Law, we are optimistic that we can resolve investment barriers that have hindered job creation. In addition, the recently passed law can also attract investment. Both investments come from abroad and from within the country, ”he explained.

Based on a study conducted by the government, he said that if there is no structural reform and economic transformation it is feared that employment will move to other more competitive countries.

“If it is like that, the population who have not worked will be even higher. And Indonesia will be trapped in the Middle income trap, ”he concluded representing the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower

Meanwhile, Dias Rukmana Praja as a member of the Purwakarta Regional People’s Representative Council for the Golkar faction said that the Omnibus Law is a new law that contains regulations on creating employment to improve the nation’s economy.

“All investment and employment mechanisms are neatly arranged there, making it easier for investors to invest in Indonesia safely, comfortably and easily,” he said.

He claims that this law can strengthen the Indonesian nation in the future, especially in terms of the economy.

“Believe me, the future of our nation’s economy will be more advanced and the workforce will be increasingly protected by this law,” he said in response to the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower’s PR statement.

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