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The Napun Gette Dam is Beneficial to the People


By: Yasin) *

The people of NTT are happy because they finally have the dam that they have been dreaming of for a long time. The dam, named Napun Gette, was inaugurated directly by President Jokowi, February 23, 2021. After the dam was established, the community would receive irrigation to drain rice fields and livestock, so they would not be afraid of drought.

East Nusa Tenggara is a very potential area because it has savanna , so it is suitable for farming. Many horses and other animals are bred there and are excellent, because of their good quality. But unfortunately the livestock business is threatened by drought.

To overcome drought in the NTT region, the government built Ben dungan Napun Gette . The dam located in Sikka Regency is very beneficial for many people. Milfan Rantawi , President Director of PT Indra Karya (construction consultant), stated that the Napun Gette Dam was designed to address the raw water needs of the people of NTT.

The Napun Gette Dam was indeed built according to the request of the people of NTT to President Jokowi. This dam has a capacity of 11.22 million cubic meters of water and a discharge of 214 liters per second. With such a large capacity, it is able to collect rainwater while preventing flooding. It will also provide water stocks for irrigation for the people of NTT.

When there is a water supply, the people of NTT will no longer be afraid of drought. Because currently the arrival of the rainy season is rather unpredictable, because the time is shifting, due to the effects of global warming. When there is irrigation from the Napun Gette Dam , the water can be flowed to the rice fields and plantations, so that farmers can still harvest and don’t bite their fingers when the rain doesn’t come.

The Napun Ge tte Dam will flow water to 300 hectares of rice fields in the NTT area. The dam, which is included in this national strategic project, will prevent the people from famine, because if there is water, the rice fields will be fertile. The community will be happy because the stock of rice and other food crops is safely controlled, thanks to irrigation from the dam.

Likewise with breeders. NTT, which is famous for its Sumbawa horse and several other types of livestock, will be safe when it has not rained. Because there is a flow of water from the dam , the grass can thrive and breeders can be relieved that the horses have an adequate source of food.

Water irrigation in NTT is very important, so that last year’s events do not repeat themselves. Actually, there are beef exports to Singapore. However, terpa ksa was stopped because the supply of cows to be slaughtered was insufficient, because the amount of feed was also insufficient. When there is irrigation, the leaves and plants that become cattle feed can be fertile, so that exports can be resumed.

Apart from farming, rice fields and plantations, irrigation from the Napun Gette Dam is also important for the availability of water for residents. They can drink enough clean water in the summer, and are not afraid of drought when the rainy season shifts backwards. Clean water supply is very important, because it is also related to sanitation, thus preventing skin diseases.

The people are very grateful to the government, especially President Jokowi, for being given the dam according to their request. Once there is a dam , they will not be afraid when it is summer, and they will not worry about being flooded when the rainy season arrives.

The Napun Gette Dam is very beneficial for the people in NTT. They will get irrigation for gardens and rice fields, so that the harvest will be successful. In addition, water that is channeled from the dam will flow through the savanna , so that cows and horses will be able to eat green and lush grass. Livestock will be healthier and ready to sell.

) * The author is a citizen living in Tangerang

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