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The pandemic has not ended , people must be vigilant and obedient


By: Alfisyah Dianasari ) *

We have been through the pandemic for a year, but unfortunately people are starting to let their guard down. Some of them have neglected health protocols and started crowding. Even though this is dangerous because it can form a new corona cluster and make the duration of the pandemic even longer.

How are you corona? This disease does not only attack human physical, but also psychologically. Because those who are not infected are trying hard to stay healthy without contracting the Covid-19 virus. However, there are many adjustments during a pandemic, such as maintaining health, immunity and hygiene protocols. This causes us to be tired because we have to obey the rules, in order not to catch the corona.

People started to become mentally and physically exhausted during the pandemic, because they were half forced to stay at home. Even if you leave the house, you have to wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance. This health protocol is mandatory, because it can reject droplets that can transmit the Covid-19 virus.

President Jokowi advised that the Covid-19 pandemic has not ended in Indonesia. For this reason, people still have to adhere to health protocols to prevent the corona virus. Therefore, we must pay attention to lan waspodo (remember and be aware). In that sense, after a year of pandemic, don’t let people forget that the corona is still there and take off masks on the streets.

The President added, don’t let the corona case explode again, even though the curve is already sloping, because everyone is not alert and forgets (about the covid-19 virus). In addition, he also hopes that the number of Covid patients will decrease, after health protocols are tightened and the national vaccination program is implemented.

Vaccinations have reached 16.5 million injections. Indeed, there are not yet 10% of Indonesia’s population, but the results are quite good. Because it is proven that the injected vaccine does not have serious side effects. To speed up vaccination, an independent route was opened. So that the community gets it coordinated by the office and supervised by the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, according to data from the covid-19 task force team, there has indeed been a slight decrease in corona patients, from 5,000+ people per day to 4,000 people per 24 hours. However, despite the decline, the number of patients is still rather high. Do not let this number rise again like in other countries such as India, because the people ignore health protocols at the same time.

The most frequently violated protocol apart from removing masks is crowding. Especially when it is a good month to get married, such as after Eid. Don’t let the number of covid patients increase because many marriage clusters are formed. Hold back and don’t hold large receptions, just a small thanksgiving with a maximum of 35 people (including the main family).

It is mandatory to adhere to health protocols, even when vaccinated. Because after 2 injections, it doesn’t mean you can take off the mask freely. Even though our immunity has increased, we are not yet free from the pandemic. This ideal situation can only be realized after there is herd immunity, which is predicted to occur a year after the first injection of corona vaccination.

Therefore, let’s abide by the rules and not break any protocol, be it intentional or unintentional. Remember that these rules are to be followed, not to be broken. If you like being naughty and disobeying health protocols, the one who loses is yourself, right? Because he got corona and had to lie in a hospital bed for at least 2 weeks.

We have to stay alert, be vigilant, and remember that it is still a pandemic. Do not carelessly wear a mask and take it off, even though it is in a public place. Children are also required to wear masks for their safety. Also adhere to other health protocols because if everyone is in order, the pandemic will end quickly, and we can live normally as before.

) * The author is a citizen living in Depok

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