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Vaccination is Safe and Effective to Prevent Covid-19


By: Reza Pahlavi )*

We all want to be free of corona as soon as possible, therefore vaccination is mandatory. The goal is for group immunity to be formed immediately and the pandemic to end soon. People don’t need to be afraid of vaccines, because they have been proven safe, without side effects, and have MUI halal status.

This year’s pandemic has turned the world upside down, because the economic condition of many people has drastically decreased. Employees and businessmen are equally miserable, because many have been laid off while the purchasing power of the people has also decreased. To overcome the suffering of the pandemic, the national vaccination program is carried out as perfectly as possible.

Why the vaccine? Because the vaccine has been proven to increase the body’s immunity against the Covid-19 virus. Especially when many who are less disciplined wear masks. When we wear masks in public places, while in contact with OTG, the vaccine will become a shield so we don’t get infected easily. OTG is everywhere and there are no visible signs of illness, so you have to be more vigilant.

Doctor Neva Mareza stated that the COVID-19 vaccine minimizes the possibility of severe symptoms and complications due to corona. So, by getting the vaccine, not only protect yourself, but also others. In a sense, the chain of transmission of the corona will be broken when everyone has been vaccinated and herd immunity is formed, so that the pandemic will end quickly.

Doctor Neva continued, vaccination aims to make a person’s immune system able to recognize and quickly fight viruses that cause infection. The aim of administering the COVID-19 vaccine is to reduce morbidity and mortality due to the corona virus. In a sense, many people will save their lives when they are vaccinated, because they are more immune from this dangerous disease.

Therefore, the government boosted the national vaccination program and the target was accelerated, from 18 months to 12 months. So it is estimated that in April 2022 all Indonesian people have been injected with the vaccine and we can carry out activities as usual. Like before the Covid-19 pandemic.

People don’t need to be afraid of vaccines because they are proven to be without side effects. After the injection, the effect is similar to that of other vaccine injections, namely mild pain in the arm, slightly higher body temperature than usual, and easy drowsiness. This kind of effect is harmless, right? After being vaccinated, we only need to take a longer break, if necessary, allow 1-2 days to go to the office.

The first person to be given the Sinovac vaccine in Indonesia was President Joko Widodo. We can immediately see what effect happened after he was injected, and it turned out to be nothing. The President is in good health and can carry out his activities as usual. This indicates that the COVID-19 vaccine is proven safe and does not make the human body sick. Precisely this vaccine will prevent someone from getting the disease.

Another proof of the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine is the BPOM (food and drug regulatory agency) permit. When BPOM has intervened, this vaccine is validated and can be injected to all Indonesian people. The BPOM permit was quickly lowered, because the pandemic situation was urgent. But the public need not worry because there has been research before the permit is issued.

The Covid-19 vaccine also has MUI halal status so that the Indonesian people, who are predominantly Muslim, can be relieved, knowing that this vaccine does not contain pork gelatin or other non-halal ingredients. Supervision of the halalness of the vaccine has also been carried out since the beginning of its manufacture.

Let’s get vaccinated because we want our bodies to be healthy and free from corona, and when everyone has been vaccinated, group immunity will be formed. So that the pandemic situation can be ended quickly. The vaccine is proven to be safe and without side effects, and has a BPOM permit and MUI halal certificate.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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